Thursday, November 26, 2009

Consequence Chart Update

My sister, Jackie did a post on her blog about how the "Consequence Chart" is working for her. We have found it to be extremely helpful. I have more children, so mine looks different than hers, but the concept is the same. The last time we got together, we made these cute little acrylic name magnets for each of the kids (we included the little ones for when we discipline them in the future).

My children KNOW what to expect now. I am not wasting my valuable time and energy trying to think of how to let the punishment fit the crime. Trying to keep track of all my consequences was become quite the headache. It was making it almost impossible to be consistent. With this new system I am placing the burden of responsibility upon THEM. They are learning to keep track of this themselves (it's that easy!). For instance, Jessica does not get her chores done on time, she moves to Code Yellow. Then say, she hits her little brother, uh oh, Code Orange! This one really stinks when you are six years old and love to watch a movie or play a computer game.

None of them (unbelievably) have got to Code Red yet. They are turning their attitudes around before we get to that point. It is so exciting to see them taking responsibility for their behavior. It is completely reaching their hearts.

One of my sons got to a Code Green. He had completely lost control while he was doing his math. He made a very nasty scene. After he received his code and consequences, he was a different child in the evening. The next morning, he came up to me and said that he had prayed that God would help him be kinder and more respectful. Only God could do that! He didn't get one code the next day. It was amazing.

Each day is a new day, no mistakes have been made, therefore they are allowed to take their names off the chart every morning.

This has actually helped a lot in the "arguing" department. How can you argue when they know what the exact consequence is going to be? This has changed our homeschool in so many positive ways! Also, getting the kids to do their morning chores has become way less stressful. This is teaching them TIME MANAGEMENT! A real plus, when you homeschool.

In short, my husband and I are both loving this. It is helping us because everyone knows where the child "stands", even if a parent has been away for awhile. It keeps us on the same page. This has been especially important with my firefighter's crazy schedule. He is walking into a home where peace is finally reigning. I am not as stressed and the children are thriving under this new system.

Praise the Lord, for giving Jackie and I this idea. He always gives us what we need!
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Camille said...

Blessings upon blessings! God ALWAYS gives exactly what we need WHEN we need it! Thanks for sharing your testimony in this area Stacie. :)


Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

LOVE THIS, Stacie! How did you make the magnets?

BTW, Natalie's baby is doing great. Natalie is super mom and looks amazing, even when she lacks sleep, lol.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...


We made the magnets by cutting a circle to fit the acrylic. Wrote the names on them and then used "hodge podge" to glue them on. After that we glued the magnets onto the backs with tacky glue.

Cat said...

You girls are great attending to the call of the Holy Spirit in working on ways to discipline your children. Thank you for sharing this! I'd love to direct my son's family to this site to see what you do. Wow, it looks great. BTW, I'm home, and it goes well.

Connie said...

Such a great report!

lusi said...

Hi there Stacie!
Found you via SingingMama's blog :) Just wanted to let you know that I think this is such a top idea! We may use it in the future :)
Thanks for all the inspiration - will be here more often i think!
Love and rich blessings,
Lusi x

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