Friday, October 2, 2009

Weeds and Flowers Devotion

Weeds and Flowers

Gardening is a hobby that I enjoy. Flower gardening is my favorite though. Every now and then someone will compliment me on my flowerbeds. I look at them, astonished that they can’t see all the weeds! You see, I have trained my eyes to spot the weeds. Unfortunately, I am missing the joy and delight of enjoying the beauty of the variety of flowers in my garden. I am missing out on God’s creation because I am too focused on the wrong thing.

The Lord gave me this analogy to teach me that I can have this same attitude with my children. I realized that there are days, weeks, and even sometimes months that I am so focused on my children’s “weeds” (character flaws and sins) that I am not seeing the beauty of God’s creation that is smack dad in front of me. God created each child uniquely! Yes, children need to be “weeded” so to speak, but can I take a step back after “weed-pulling”, breathe a sigh of satisfaction and see the beauty of the Lord in my child? Can I see the good things, too? Can I focus on the character that might bring lost souls to Jesus? Does my child have a heart to please God? Is he sensitive to the conviction and leading of the Holy Spirit? Does my child have a thankful heart? Has my child been unselfish and put others before him or her today?

When I am weeding it first feels great! “I’m getting stuff done,” I think to myself. But if I don’t pace myself, the joy of gardening slowly fades. I look up from my weeding and instead of seeing a whole flowerbed free of weeds; I see the 10 other beds that also need weeding. I start to think there are just too many weeds! Why do I bother doing this? They are just going to sprout up again. Gardening becomes discouraging and overwhelming. It makes you want to plant a bunch of grass and forget it!

Do we have the same attitude with our children? Are there just to many weeds? Do we stop trying even if the same “weeds” or even new ones pop back up? By no means! We have to keep “pulling” the weeds we see, but at the same time, rejoicing at the thought that there will be room for the “flowers” to grow in our children’s lives.

You see, we can’t always focus on the negative. Even though the years seem to last forever when we have little ones, these precious children will not be in our homes forever. We will miss the joy that God meant for us to have, the joy that comes from sticky kisses, chubby arms embracing you, laughter at the sweet, crazy and innocent things that they say, and even the few, but wonderful “thank-you's” that we receive from them.

Focus on the flowers! Our children are blessings from the Lord. Let us view them as such.

From One Mom to Another,

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10 comments: said...


This is just what I needed. I just don't take enough time to smell the precious fragrance of the roses God has given me.

The weeds have been overwhelming me these days. Maybe if I look at my children with this fresh perspective I will be a better mom, No, not maybe, definitely!

Parsley said...

Love this post. Thank you.

I recently learned about humbling myself to my child. I had made some mistakes that hurt her emotionally. It took time for me to see her side as I was wrapped up in mom-mode and couldn't see it. I repented and our relationship has healed. Mommies make mistakes too. ;)

Connie said...

Good for you - our children (and ourselves) will always have flaws. Let God work on the flaws and let us enjoy our families! (I do not mean that we do not discipline or train.)

You shared some meaningful thoughts.

candy said...

Wow Stacie you did it again,thank you and thank you lord.

Cat said...

You always hit the nail on the head, Stacie! I believe it is because you are plugged into our Holy Spirit Who guides you. Thanks for another hit!


Stacie, Children are such a blessing. Have a great weekend... Many Blessings,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love the collage! I remember when the HS gave you this revelation. It was huge and it is so true. We all need to look for the flowers in our children, marriage and life in general. Great devotion. Love you and so proud to be walking this journey with you.

Camille said...

What a beautiful post Stacie!

It was a blessing to my heart to read this today. Isn't it amazing how the "regular" things in our lives can get turned around into devotional thoughts? Thank you for sharing your heart with us. do have a talent in the garden...your pictures are lovely!

melaniek said...

Very beautifully said. After reading this post and finishing "The Fireman's Wife" this evening I have a completely new view of life. Thank God for Moms like you!

Chris in FL said...

Great post and so true with me also. I love the pictures.


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