Friday, October 23, 2009

My Husband is Shrinking!

I am so proud of Steve. About 5 months ago he decided to lose weight. He has lost over 50 lbs so far! It is very exciting to watch him and cheer him on! Everyone asks how he is losing the weight. It is simple....He will tell you that he eats less and exercises! He does not consider that a diet, but a life-style change.

Even though he still has a ways to go, he is well on his way to being thin and healthy. I'm so happy for him! The kids and I are his greatest cheerleaders. He is so open and honest with them and others about his eating addiction. I pray that they see the courage that it takes to face an addiction head-on and ask God's help to be freed from it. He is being a wonderful role model to our children!

It is exciting to see 14 years of prayers being answered before my very eyes!

I will end this with a quote on marriage. I want to encourage the ladies who have taken the 30 Day Challenge to not speak negatively about or to their husbands.

"A successful marriage is not one in which two people, beautifully matched, find each other and get along happily ever after because of this initial matching. It is, instead, a system by means of which persons who are sinful and contentious are so caught by a dream bigger than themselves that they work throughout the years, in spite of repeated disappointment, to make the dream come true." -Elton Trueblood

I'm praying for you, Ladies! Remember, if you fail, repent and pick yourself back up again. You are becoming aware of bad habits!

The Lord bless you!

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Connie said...

Congrats to your husband and to God for enabling him!

Mrs. Lukie said...

Wow! What an accomplishment...congrats to your hubby!

And...I fell off the bandwagon this morning :( But I'm trying to pick myself up, repent, and move forward, negative-free.

Kimberly said...

I've found that I'm likely to fall into a negative pattern, in the evening or if I start feeling pressed for time. Now that I'm aware of this- my goal is to be cautious in the evening and breathe and relax, in a time crunch. Great job to your Hubby too - it's not easy to break old habits!

Jessica said...

That's so awesome. A lifestyle change is not easy. We've found that with our daughter's food hubby and I thought we'd just change our diet and we'd all eat the same way but it's HARD! Kudos to your man for his effort and determination!

J said...

Reading this post put a huge smile on my face. My husband is doing the same thing right now and I am so proud of him, too! It is so encouraging to see! What an accomplishment! Congratulations to your hubby! I know you are super proud of him!!! Way to go!!!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Mrs. Lukie! Great job getting back into the groove. You are doing excellent! I'm so proud of all of you. Thank you for sharing with me your triumphs and struggles. It makes me feel like I'm not alone.

J-So awesome that your hubby is doing the same thing. Isn't it wonderful? It truly is a journey, isn't it?

Kimberly, that is awesome that you are recognizing your more stressful moments that you are prone to be more negative. That is awesome! I need to do that more often and be more proactive in the battle for the mind.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Who is that handsome hunk standing next to you? Way to go, Steve! You look great. You look nice in white!

candy said...

Oh My, does he look GOOD! I am so proud of you Steve. I bet you feel so much better. Less itchy,are you?
I love you all, you hve a great support system too.

RaD said...

Prayer, yes indeed, prayer does make a difference. Might I add, because I'm doing the 30 day challenge too, that if you are frustrated with your man or the things he does over and over again, walk away and PRAY. You'll be surprised how much your own attitude will change and how much better he'll receive what you have to say later when the time is right.

Thanks again Stacy for doing this again. It is making a difference as the things that I "let slip" since learning last time are coming back around and I'm recognizing them faster.

Naomi said...

Yeah Steve good on ya mate. You look fantastic. You are an inspiration.

Camille said...

What an encouraging post...well done! :) Congratulations to your hubby!! THAT takes discipline...good for him!

Grandma Becky said...

WOW--your hubby is looking real awesome now and am so proud of him. More power to him. Losing weight isn't easy.
My day was great,,,,,my husband actually waited for me to come to the door at Subway and opened it for me. I've been good and maybe he's feeling it! He doesn't always open doors for me. "0)
Best news of the day is that my daughter got a better job that will start the second week of Nov. PTL!!!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Grandma Becky! That is awesome! I think we all respond to kindness. You are already seeing the fruits of this Challenge. How wonderful that your daughter got a better job! Praise the Lord!

Ruth, thank you for bringing this up. This has been so good for me and for others! What a perfect forum to do this.

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