Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Couldn't Resist!

I confess, I have no excuse! My little baby girl, Lily, has more clothes given to her than she could possibly wear in a month, but I just had to buy her a new outfit.

I was buying baby clothes for two different ladies who were having boys, when I let my eyes wander to the baby girl racks. Oh, I usually don't even let myself go there. My eyes caught this adorable long-sleeved, layered flower top with these tiny corduroy (sp?) brown pants with a little pink button on the bottom. If you know me, I LOVE color combinations. It is kind of a sickness of mine. I am the child who used to eat all the lucky charms out of my bowl, but save two different colors to see how they would look together. Every morning, would be a different combination. I know, I'm weird! I think that is why I like to scrapbook and make cards. I get to play with COLORS!!! LOL! Anyway....I saw these colors and saw that it was on sale, so I had a weak moment.

Isn't she cute? She is sitting up and starting to crawl now and is delighting all of us with her antics. Oh, I forgot how much fun they are at this stage. It truly is one of my favorite stages of babyhood. They are so tiny still, but they are getting a little personality.

On the home front, Steve was hunting with two older ones yesterday and it started snowing! Come again? Yeah, I said SNOW! I couldn't believe it. They came home shivering without a deer. He has seen only does so far, no bucks. I'm kind of glad, because if he did get a deer, I don't know where we would put it. Our freezer is stuffed with half a beef and a whole pig! Praise the Lord!

I'm looking forward to getting back in the routine of homeschooling. The boys have been hunting with their father lately, so it's been on and off. It's been nice having a break, but now I'm ready to buckle down again. Tonight, I am planning on giving them a culture lesson. We are going to go see the African Children's Choir! I saw them a few years back and was overwhelmed with love and joy for these orphans. I am going to take Josh, Marcus, Jessica and Andrew. I think they will all love it!
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Jessica said...

Great pics! Great color choices for her, she's so beautiful!

Cat said...

Yes, she is darling in her 'colors' of your choice. It is wonderful that you have so many things for her to wear already, but did you get to chose them? So, you've gotten to chose something for you that suits you too! Our routines and schedules are SO important, keep it up now that your 'men' are home.

candy said...

Good I'm glad they are home and warm. I wondered. Knowing the boys I'm sure they had fun anyway.And made memories.
Lily look darling. I have got to come over and see everybody. Love you

Missy Melissy said...

Wow, what a cutie! Growing up there were six kids in my family. That's a lot of work for you, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by my blog. It means a lot to me and I really enjoy meeting new people this way.
God bless you!

Camille said...

What fun to splurge on those sweet things...and it was on sale...right? ;-) I have a weakness for the baby girl stuff too!

What a great thing to take your kids to the African Children's Choir...I remember hearing them sing many years ago!

Camille said...

That outfit is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I love when I get the kids a new outfit and it looks so good!!! I really miss having kids at that stage give her a hug and kiss for me. Have fun at the concert tonight it sounds like it will be cool!!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You color freak! I get so tempted too. Girls clothes are so fun! Great outfit. I can't wait to kiss the back of her little neck this weekend! Watch out, Lily, Aunt Jackie's comin'!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

BTW, I've always wanted to see that choir. Let us know how it was.

His bondservant said...

I found your blog through the blog party. Your children are darling. I so miss having a little one. My youngest is 3 and a half now. They grow up so quickly.


RaD said...

Snowing? Actually I've been hearing about a lot of areas getting snow already. It's like winter just decided to skip fall altogether.

Even here in California we had a major rain storm that rained from early morning until 5pm and it flooded the parking lot at the school where I work and almost came into the preschool. We had to call parents to come and get their kids, it was awful. Then today back to normal! Well, not exactly normal but much better than yesterday.

OurLilFullFam said...

I do love the outfit. I cannot believe how big she is!!


Joyfullmom's Journal said...

Very cute. I also wanted to say that your blog is very encouraging.

christy rose said...

Lily is absolutely adorable and those outfits are so cute!!!! I see why you couldn't resist. :)

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