Sunday, October 4, 2009

God Gives Us What We Need

When God placed on my heart a burning desire to homeschool, I was very honest with Him and let Him know right away that I was not cut out for it. My fear of not having the resources and being solely responsible for my children's education was very real. I had every excuse in the book to tell God no. Do you want to hear them? You'll probably laugh...

1. I don't know how to teach my kids to read. I'll just send them to school until they can read and then I'll homeschool them. God let me know right away that He would help me to teach my children to read.

2. I can't homeschool more than two children. Hah! Now I have six!

3. How could we possibly afford it? The statistics say that it costs an average of $250 per year per child to homeschool them. I have spent $0 homeschooling three kids this year. How is that possible? Well, a few years back, my sister came across a state curriculum sale for $1 a book (including teacher's guides). I got six of every work book for every subject. I figured it out. For $250, I bought about $5,000 worth of homeschool material! This will get me through 8 Grade. After that, I plan to supplement with things on the Internet or material around the house. If I have to buy a book, I trust God will provide the money. He always has! He is so amazing! Note the $250, don't you think that it is ironic that my fear was answered by the exact amount that it would have cost to homeschool one child for one year! LOL! My homeschool store is my shed! People give me free Abeka material every year from their private Christian school. It's awesome!

4. How can I teach my children things like math, carpentry, science, and other things that were difficult for me in school? Things I did not "master". Well, God sent us Loren, the neighbor! He is a retired math teacher who LOVES to teach children. The above pictures are just a few of the things that he has helped my boys make. Table, bench, train whistle, and a sling shot. He has also taught Marcus how to play chess. He is great at making the boys think for themselves, not giving the answer right away. Loren was a Master Gardener and has taught my kids tons about plants, trees and gardening. He told me he is looking forward to the day when I call, stumped on how to teach a math concept! I have my own built in Math expert/tutor next door! Awesome!!!

5. What if I run into trouble with learning disabilities? I am not an expert on such matters. My oldest started showing trouble with reading and math around Second Grade. I felt like I was beating my head against the wall. We couldn't advance any further. I started praying for wisdom. Behold! A missionary Educational Therapist (sent back to America due to civil unrest in Africa) asked if she could work with Josh for free so she could further her education. She confirmed everything that I had been dealing with. We immediately started therapy and since then Josh has come a long ways. Again, God provided what I needed exactly when I needed it!

You see, when God took all my fears and told me "My grace is sufficient for you," and "I will provide what you need," he wasn't kidding. When He calls us to do something challenging and out of our comfort zone, we are to obey Him and trust Him. He wants to WOW us with what He can do!

Isn't that so God?
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Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

What a great post, Stacie. I know I had many of the same fears and God was so good to constantly provide what each child will need. HE knows what their future holds and how he provided your neighbor is proof how he is in all the details.

You go, MAMA!

Jessica said...

I luv this success story! With Him, we can succeed! I "teach" my toddlers everyday, be it explaining concepts to them, reasoning skills, dressing themselves (my baby boy is NOT a fan of clothing, though!), ABCs, colors, shapes, etc. I don't have a plan for future schooling, though. I've considered homeschooling, but haven't heard the Lord's take on it yet. I have time, but when that time comes, I want to remember your story and the great peace that comes with knowing who's in control! Thanks for sharing!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love this post, Stace! I'm still pinching myself on the deals we got at that ESD close-out. I had been thinking of homeschooling after I watched you start, but that sale was total confirmation that I should proceed with homeschooling. So glad I obeyed in this area and that God called me to homeschool. I know it is the choice thing for our family. God really does provide all we need!

Anonymous said...

First on this post, God sort of dumped me into homeschooling, one of those, this is the ONLY choice for educating our children, we had no money, but I had lots of time, so in I went head first. Thankfully the Lord has amazing grace and our first daughter is thriving in ministry work in our church at 21 yrs. old.

I came to your blog from the article in "An Encouraging Word". I've had my issure for a bit, but that time I used to have is now pretty full, so I had n't had the opportunity to even crack the cover... until Friday. I've been struggling with submission/servanthood to my husband, shall I say based on his behaviours (ouch?). Apparently the title jumped out at me as if to say - um, Kimberly, you need to read this!!!! So I did, um, more ouch! He has his quirks, but my responses have been somewhat less than Biblical too. SO, what do you think the sermon was at church was about this morning, oh, yes, submitting, servanthood, with a heart of grace. I couldn't believe it! I thank you that the Lord spoke through your Hubby's dirty socks to you, and that you shared your heart.

RaD said...

Loved this post. While I don't homeschool, our children attend a private Christian school that I work at. At times I've thought I'd rather be at home with them homeschooling but we can't afford for me not to be working. When I get in these moments of doubt God has always confirmed we are all right where he wants us and the fruit of that obedience is always priceless.

Morgan said...

God does provide. Even when other people think there is no way and just don't understand. Thank you for the reminder.

Connie said...

Hurray for you! God too!

Cat said...

What would I be doing if it weren't for homeschooling OTHER'S children????? God is so good to provide me with work and them with a godly teacher! You do very well; and God provides for you. We are truly His children!

christy rose said...

That is so awesome Stacie! God's grace is sufficient to help us do anything that He lays on our heart to do. And, He always provides the means to accomplish His will too. What a great story that brings Him glory!!!

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