Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is In The Air!

Nana and Papa and Grandma and Larry Pop grew pumpkins for the kids this year. What a blessing! We have all these beautiful pumpkins decorating our house for free! I think last time I spent $35 on pumpkins.
My Virginia Creeper is starting to turn colors. So beautiful in the fall. I just love it!
Josh looked out the window the other day and saw this beautiful pink glow outside. The sunrise was amazing, so I had him run out and get a picture of it.
Here are the pumpkins that Diana gave us. I found some pretty leaves at the Dollar Store and put them in a vase with some twigs.
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candy said...

Don't you just love Fall. I love the amazing colors.Some friends from church brought Wyatt & MaKenna pumpkins with there ames carved in. If you carve there name in when the pumpkin is green when it ripens it leaves a scar where your name is.It is cool. Love the vase. I missed the sunset it looks so beautiful. love you.

Anonymous said...

How fun - while the pumpkin patch was a really nice fun day for us; it wasn't free, (spent $26 + gas) the children really like growing their own more - What a lovely gift of the season!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You place looks even more beautiful in person! Aren't free pumpkins awesome? We are going to attempt to make a pumpkin man.

Cat said...

Isabella and I carved our pumpkins on Friday night. And the fall colors here in P'land are vivid, bright and nearly gaudy. I love it! Your sunset is lovely too.

christy rose said...

How fun to grow pumpkins for your grankids! What a gift of love!

Camille said...

Great pics...I especially like the SUNRISE and the leaves turning colour. I just went outside earlier to catch some of those types of pics too. Now a SUNRISE...that would be a rare thing for me to see! :)

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