Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Soccer Season in Full Swing!

So far, Lily is doing very well with all of this activity. I found this little hat that is perfect for protecting her from the sun. The strap is great for those windy days.
Fellow soccer moms, Rachel and Toni! These are some of my favorite moms in the whole world! I requested their sons be on the same team as Marcus and so far it has been such a joy to watch all of our boys play together! Of course, we chat the whole game through. This is probably why I'm liking soccer so much this year! Love you, girls!
Andrew in his uniform. He looks very handsome, but soccer just isn't his thing. He is a great trooper though, and likes to hang out and eat snacks with grandparents. He is such a snuggle bug.
Marcus found this five leaf clover right before his first soccer game. He said he was "extra" lucky! It must have worked, because they won their first game!
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Scrapingirl said...

Go team go!! Good job little ones.

Cat said...

Since this is such a big part of your life I'm glad you are able to enjoy it now. Lily and Andrew are DARLING!!...so are your girlfriends, Stacie. You have girlfriends!!!!! Isn't God good?

Connie said...

Looks like all of this will end up being a very happy time for you and the fam.

Rachel and Family said...

Ha!Ha!Ha! My mouth is wide open, like always!

Soccer is so fun isn't it! I too am glad to be with you and Toni.

Lily's hat is darling! Just like her.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow! A five leaf clover? Good job, Marcus and congrats on your team's win!

Lilybet is adorable as usual.

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