Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marcus' Birthday Tea

I promised Marcus that I would take him to tea for his 9th birthday. We had a pleasant time and stuffed ourselves with Bev's goodies! I'm glad that Marcus likes to go on "dates" with his mama. This is so good for us. Marcus is very strong-willed and we have to keep a tight reign on him. Anytime we can pour something positive in his life, is a good thing. This child thrives on one-on-one attention. That is the way God created him. It is hard to be the second oldest of six children. He is classified as one of the "big" kids, but still has to wait to do things that Josh gets to do because of his age. We sometimes has a lot of conflict because of some of these issues.

During tea we discussed some of the things he would like to do when he grows up. Before he wanted to be an author, but now he is thinking that he wants to be a math teacher. Our neighbor, Loren, is a retired math teacher and has been a mentor to Marcus lately. Loren has taught Marcus so many things, chess, carpentry (I'll share pictures of his table and bench he helped Marcus make) and now how to make train whistles. He is a homeschooler's dream!

Most people wouldn't know it, but Marcus has a real sensitive side. He has a very caring heart, especially for the lost and hurting. Last night, we got into a conflict. At first, I didn't listen to him, but was convicted. I was wrong and told him so. I apologized to him and asked him to forgive me. You could see the pain on his face. He didn't want to forgive me, but knew he needed to. We were able to hug and make up and move on. He is getting frustrated with me, and for good reason. I need to speak less and listen more. I make so many mistakes, but God is good and He forgives me and we are able to move on.

I remember my dad getting angry with me, sometimes even so mad that he would cuss a little. I would be so upset, but he would always come back and apologize. It made such an impression on me. I knew my dad wasn't perfect, I would get so angry with him, but when he apologized he pierced my defenses and I would just cry and we would hold each other. I love my father and we have a very good relationship. Even if we hurt each other's feelings, we can talk about it and things are OK after that. I'm so thankful for that.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: I hope that even though I blow it and yell at my kids sometimes, I hope that they will remember all the times that they saw me repenting, asking forgiveness and trying to change the behavior.
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RaD said...

I too am working on listening first before I react and that is definately not always easy especially since many times if we wait to react there really should be no reaction but rather direction.

I hope that made sense.

Parsley said...

Thanks for sharing this post. Yes, we make mistakes but God loves us and helps us everyday.

So nice that you are creating memories with your kids. Time is fleeting and too soon,they'll be on their own.


candy said...

I remember thinking not to long ago about all the "mistakes" we did to our kids (now that we have grandkids,we can see those). both of our kids have said to us that we were such good parents to them. I can't tell you how touched i was when I heard that. It was not easy raising them so young and not having a clue. Love ,Love ,Love no matter what. And what is LOVE. Patient,Kind, etc. That is one of the answers. And you are doing THAT,my friend. Keep it up.

Scrapingirl said...

He sounds just like my boy. We have to be very careful with how we talk to him or what we talk about around him. It is challenging, but homeschooling him is a joy.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

As always, I love your honesty and we can all learn from it. Thanks for sharing your journey with us! As your best friend and twin sister, I can honestly say that what you post on this blog is the real you. I love you, Sis! said...

What a special boy-I love how you see him through God's eyes. I know it's not easy every day, but what a great perspective.

I am the 5th of 6 children. I look forward to reading about the journey from a mother's perspective.

Cat said...

What a wonderful gift you've given Marcus, not only the time spent with him alone doing what you both love to do, but your desire to be a Spirit-filled mom who is not afraid to change, to apologize,to set the good example for him. Thank you for sharing this, Stacie.

Cat said...

Tell me about the 'links within'. Are they posts or pictures to previous blogs? or are they something we've not seen before?

...they call me mommy... said...

Thanks for the reminder! To remember to apologize right away when I'm wrong!
I just recently started doing things with my kids one on one or boys together/girls together...haven't done much, but what we have done has been a huge hit!
Great idea!

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