Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm a Cowgirl! Lily at Six Months

Jacob put this cowboy hat on Lily. She actually kept it on for quite awhile. We all agreed that she is the cutest cowgirl in these here parts!

Lily wearing one of Jessica's old dresses. She LOVES the grass!

Yes, I need to mow my lawn, but I can't because one of my children (a.k.a. Jacob) decided to take the oil cap off of the lawnmower and put rocks into it. I'm hoping that we can get it fixed somehow. I can't put the oil dipstick back in because of the dirt or whatever that is in it. I managed to tip the thing over and get two rocks out, but it still won't go in. We just bought this mower last year because of another child (a.k.a. Andrew) decided to do the same thing to our other mower. Talk about frustrating and expensive!
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Cat said...

Lily is so sweet. I love it that you have some things still from Jessica. Who knew you FINALLY get another girl? Well, God knew! Anyway, she is darling.

Anonymous said...

Those pics of Lily, both the cowgirl ones and the ones in Jessica's dress just make me laugh. She is such a cutie!
~Bev P.~

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That dress is so cute! I haven't seen that one on her before.

I'm so sorry to hear about yet another lawnmower biting the dust! Hope you can get it fixed without having to buy another one.

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