Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday, My Oldest Son!

Here is my Joshua. He has a huge responsibility being the oldest of six brothers and sisters. He is a very special guy.


You are growing up so fast. Instead of counting the years that I've had with you, I start counting how many I have left. I realize (tears are streaming down) that I'm over half way done raising you. Where has the time gone? I love that you are older and all the help you give me (I know changing diapers aren't your favorite thing), but I sometimes forget to think about when you were smaller and more dependent. I know you would love to have more freedom. But I think you understand how important it is to be a good example to your brothers and sisters. As I release you, bit by bit, I pray for wisdom.

I also want to compliment you on your heart for God. You truly know right from wrong. I don't worry about you in that regard. You have a solid foundation and your faith is strong. You are an encourager and it makes me so happy to watch you use that special gift that God has given you to build up others.

I LOVE your imagination! You are so creative and can turn ANYTHING into a war item. I have watched you excel in sports and know you must have gotten that from your father (not me!).

Many blessings, Joshua, on your birthday. We chose your name well. Joshua means "The Lord is My Salvation". You know that salvation comes through Jesus.


Your Mommy
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Parsley said...

That's so sweet. Happy birthday to him!

RaD said...

Happy Birthday Josh! This was a very sweet post. Some day he's going to look back on this with very fond memories.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

AAWWWHHH! I love it, Stace. I can't wait to see how you'll scrapbook this one. Tell I'm he'll be getting a phone call from his Auntie and Cousins tomorrow. I can't believe he's 11 already!

Connie said...

Very, very precious. I hope you save it for him - some day that will mean the world to him.


Happy Birthday Joshua !!! Hope he has the best day. Blessings,

Cat said...

Joshua, I know first-hand the responsibilities of a first-born. You take the cake, buddy, and not just for your birthday. YOU! are number 1 in more ways than one! Happy B'day.

And,Stacie, good job honoring your son!

candy said...

Oh my, Stacie,wat to get the tears rolling. I can't beleave how fast time has gone. 11 years old already
and what a good one he is. He is definitly in love with his family and his Lord. Good job Stacie. Love you

christy rose said...

What a sweet post for Josh's birthday. Isn't blogging wonderful because now you can keep this forever and it will mean more to him in 10 years than it does now.
Happy birthday Josh!

Rachel and Family said...

Happy birthday Josh! (And Stacie you get to celebrate too... 11 years ago, he made you a mom!)

I feel so terrible for your mom! I am praying for her! How wonderful you all were able to go down and take care of her.

Pam said...

That is so sweet. Happy birthday to your precious son.

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