Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fire/Safety Fair

We went and visited Dad at Home Depot where they had a fire/safety fair. The kids love to talk with the LifeFlight pilots and I'm sure scare them to death when they get in that chopper! There are lots and lots of buttons!

Firefighter Hal is Andrew's favorite firefighter (besides his daddy). They both just dig each other! I got this sweet picture of them together.
I took the kids to the Fire Engine park the other day while we were waiting for Josh and Marcus to get out of A.C.T.S. (Acclaiming Christ Through Sports). All my kids love this old-style fire engine.

Talk about a crazy day! It started at 6:30 a.m. when we got up and I quickly got the kids ready to leave Jackie's and made the three and a half hour trip home this morning in time for soccer (we had to take three potty/nursing breaks). I fed them sandwhiches (praise God I made bread before I left for the weekend) and then rushed them to soccer. We had two sets of grandparents with us today which helped soooo much! Thanks guys! It was awesome having you there! Mom even made it up with her pretty purple cast. Larry is so sweet with her. He is such a great husband.

We decided to take Andrew out of soccer. He just doesn't want to play. If he falls down he cries, if he gets pushed he gets angry and then he won't go back into the game. He just falls apart. He is very different from the first three and is very much a loner. Team sports are probably NOT going to be his forte. We might try it again next year if he really wants to play. His coach was so patient with him. I really appreciate her help. He's just a little stinker and that is all there is to it. That's my Andrew! He is as unique as they come.

I'm going to finish unpacking from our fun weekend with my sis. I'll be posting pictures soon of our WWII party. I'll try to beat my sis! It was awesome!
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candy said...

Welcome Home my friends. I am so sorry I didn't go to soccer,I was so vey tired. I thank you for delaying pictures and waiting for MaKenna, as you know that means a lot to me. Your thoughtfulness. I'm so sorry about Andrew,he tried to do soccer.I am VERY sure the prty was a blast for all you family. I I was there I would be like, HUH?History is so confusing to me. I'm so glad you are home ,How is the throat?

Cat said...

I'm glad you are home too, Stacie. It must be difficult to hit the ground running on the soccer field after a big trip with all the kids. You shine like the stars though!

Parsley said...

Well, I'm even more afraid of putting my daughter in VBall. She is not wired for competition. Eek.

Nice post.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Ha Ha, I beat you! LOL!

Connie said...

These loner children are just as special as the groupie children. Sometimes they are more independent and can stand against adversity and not just go with the flow. We need them as they grow up!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

My throat feels sooo much better! It was a hard day, but God blessed me and I was given the grace for that day.

Candy, I missed you! I think we'll be doing their party here next time.

Jackie, you little stinker! I haven't even downloaded my pics from my camera!

Rachel and Family said...

What fun to see the lifeflight again. Next time let me know so we can look up in the sky and be ready to wave in case one of your kids takes off in it. (LOL!)

Andrew's a great kid- maybe he's the smart one- why spend your afternoon fighting with all the other kids over one ball- he's figured that one out!

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