Monday, September 14, 2009

Confessions of A Soccer Mom

Fall is in the air and soccer season is upon us once again. When Steve told me six years ago that he wanted our kids to play soccer, I tried to talk him out of it. Sports has never been my thing. I didn't do sports in school and didn't think it was all that important. Well, I finally realized that this was a submission issue. I chose to submit to Steve and trust his judgement in this area, even though I knew it was going to be a tremendous amount of work for me.

The first year I had a horrible attitude about it. The Lord convicted me about my attitude and each year it has been little better. I have SURVIVED soccer up until now.

I am going to be honest, I am not thrilled about taking one to three kids each weeknight to practice. It interrupts our dinner time and I feel rushed and harried. I don't like knowing that every single Sunday afternoon for two months, will be spent on a soccer field (we were there five and a half hours yesterday afternoon). It is difficult nursing a baby and making sure the two year old is not kicking extra soccer balls on the field.

I can cop a real attitude, but that is NOT what the Bible says to do. If we are to choose to do something we must do it WITHOUT GRUMBLING OR COMPLAINING! What was that again? Oh, WITHOUT GRUMBLING OR COMPLAINING! That surely can't apply to this situation. Oh, yes it does. My job is to glorify God no matter what I am doing. If I am out on the soccer field complaining to other moms about how hard it is to have four kids in soccer, how am I glorifying God? How is that being an advocate for having a large family?

So, this year, I'm going into this with a different attitude. I have already blown it and have complained. But I have repented and I am determined to see this through with a "Thriving" attitude!

Let me ponder the positive about soccer. My husband takes off every Sunday so he can watch the games, so we get to see him more often. We get to go as a family and cheer each other on. Many lessons have been taught on that soccer field, among them, sportsmanship, winning graciously and losing graciously, compassion, teamwork, serving Mom by watching the two year old, and many more. Hey, I even get to get out of the house and see my friends as we cheer our kids on from the sidelines! I get to refine my organizing skills as I keep track of four games, four practice schedules, pictures and snacks to boot.

I am going to finish well this year! God wants me to change and I will do so by His power alone. Thanks be to God for His grace and mercy.

It only took six years! LOL!


Parsley said...

I appreciate this post. I am going to have battles with my daughter over Volleyball but husband says she should have PE. She doesn't want to do it. I don't want the battle. But...we are going to have to face the decision.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a great attitude, Stacie. It is difficult, but your doing the right thing. At least it is only for a limited amount of time and you aren't traveling. That really helps. Love ya! Great post.

Cat said...

There were 'frilly thrills' in my tummy as I read this today, Stacie. You have come SO far. It is one thing to submit, to do something with a good attitude, but another to list out how God,you, your family, and others benefit from your obedience. My, my, this is amazing. You are a wonderful teacher to us.

Cat said...

Thanks, also, for the comment on the new look to my blog. I appreciate all your and Jackie's help. Tweaking things is always fun.

Heather said...

Good job Stacie!! I love this post. The most I have had to deal with is 2 children playing and it gets tough. This year I only have 1 playing and a niece and a nephew, but I don't have to organize all the schedules for them.

Your children will be blessed by your attitude!! I know it's hard. I absolutely love it, but get really cranky around October and I am FREEEZING!!! I will think back on this post!

See ya on the field..I can't believe I missed you yesterday. We were there for 2 hours, I'm surprised we didn't bump into each other :)


RaD said...

You're kids will appreciate all the effort one day and that itself is worth all the hassel.

christy rose said...

You are hearing the voice of your Father! And you are heeding it! Life is so much easier when we do, huh?

It is definitely not easy dragging the younger kids to the older kid's events. I know! But, this time in our life is so short, we will all be glad that we did not miss it. There are many family memories made along the way too.

Hope you have a great week,

Connie said...

I think you are going to have a wonderful year with your new attitude! Good for you.

candy said...

Hey it was fun and you did it. I will be there as much as I can for Jessica's and maKenna's games. Let me tell you,Marcus and josh and even little Andrew HELPED Wyatt to learn some about soccer. He accually kicked the ball. And I heard Marcus say he would help Wyatt learn a little more next time.God is using your family and I am sooo GRATEFUL, thank you. Love Candy

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