Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is Getting Ridiculous!

I just want to laugh when people say, "It must be nice to be married to a paramedic". He has NEVER been here when something happens. It's like Murphy's Law or something.

For example...

Sliced finger-gone

Bunk bed accident-gone


choking again-gone

choking once again-gone

stick jabbed into foot-gone

burn from hot tea all over shoulder and chest-gone

Spray-n-Wash in eye including having the bottle slice Andrew's eyeball open-gone

And now the most recent. Rachel dropped off the girls so that they could go deliver blankets and such with the Salvation Army for the fire that is happening over in Mosier. When she came back, we were chatting while Hannah and Ann were crawling into the van (parked on a slight incline) when the van's sliding door slowly shut onto Ann. She stopped it with her eyebrow. I grabbed Mary(who was screaming) and Rachel grabbed Ann. We both looked at each other and tried not to freak when we saw her eyebrow. Blood was dripping down into her eye and you could see the meat on her eyebrow. She has about an inch and a half gash on her forehead. I told her I thought we should call 911 in case she had a head injury. Ann was so brave! So Eric and Rick came by ambulance (both are Steve's guys on his shift) and checked her out. They said that she would be fine to go up by private vehicle, but that she would definitely need stitches.

I called Paul this morning and he said he didn't get out of the ER until 10:30 p.m. I think it all happened around 6:30. She had to have several stitches and it was just a nightmare because she could see the needle coming at her face. Lots of screams and tears. He said it was one of the worst days of his parenting career. Poor guy!

So, once again, Steve is gone (driving the van for Hood to Coast relay) and I do not have my personal paramedic available to me. Nothing new there. Maybe one of these days...


Connie said...

Isn't that just the way it goes? Somehow - we just keep learning 'to do it our self!'

May all heal and everything settle down soon.

Connie said...

Just wanted to come back and comment that we drove through all those people walking yesterday. Some pretty tough gals out there! Not sure how long each portion of the relay was, but some looked pretty tired.

Rachel and Family said...

That is a funny post! All that choking!! We've only had one choker (so far!).
Thanks for all your help last night! We are praising God it wasn't worse than it was.

Amy said...

Would you believe it is the same way at our house!!!! I can't even begin to list all the times but there are many. Probably the best one yet was when we were visiting the station on a Sunday night and Ryan fell and hit a table with his face. Josh scooped him up went to the window where his boss could see him and said I'm going to be gone for a little bit. We got into our van headed to the ER where Ryan got 8 stitches in his face. We were there for 8 hours (Josh always says one hour per stitch). It was horrible with it being in the face they had to wrap him in a sheet like a straight jacket and even Josh was choked up. Not something I would ever want to go through again. I hope she is feeling better. I say us paramedic wives must be pretty tough :)

Wildland Firefighter Wives said...

Hi there, I am the moderator of and I was given your site by a friend who is a home-schooling mom of 8 and read about you in one of her HS magazines. I was wondering if I could mark your blog as a favorite on my blog for other FF wives to read?
Praying your hubby stays safe.

Parsley said...

Figures, doesn't it. We've been so lucky but again, only one child so our chances are reduced dramatically.

My husband has been a first responder for a couple of years now but always medically inclined. CPR on my granny is all he's had to do in the family....and that was more than he should have HAD to do. bluhk, sniff, sniff boo hoo.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Dear Hotshot Wife,

I would be honored if you posted my link.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back. Does your friend have a blog? I would love to visit it. Us firewives have got to stick together! LOL!

Parsley, I feel for your husband. That would have been very traumatic. Steve went on my grandma once and my grandpa also, when he had his heart attack out in a field while he was plowing with his team of horses.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

It is so true! What are the odds of that? I excited to see you getting so many new followers!

Grandma Becky said...

Glad the little girl is ok.
Speaking of firemen, I called our 911 since we spotted a little fire on side of the road on our way home from church. We stayed at the turn so the firemen could see where fire was. The fire that started small was bigger by the time the trucks got there. The man who lives there just got home after I'd called. He came back to the road in a few minutes with a shovel. Well, when I looked back, he was just looking and no longer shoveling. It's been so dry lately that the fire could have easily got out of control and gone into the field. Thank goodness for our firefighters!! Thanks!! and to their wives and families who go thru traumas without them. Take care and God bless.

smoore2213 said...

I am a firefighter-paramedic married to a firefighter-paramedic. I stunbled across your blog one day looking for encouragement from other firefighter wives. My husband and I both were homeschooled and I grew up in a large(8 kids) family, with a firefighter dad(so far out of the 4 of us who are over 18, 2 of us are professional paramedics, and 1 is a firefighter-EMT...all girls, too). So I can really relate to a lot of the things you write.

Unfortunately, I have severe anaphylactic reactions to even minute amounts of seafood, so my husband has treated me on a regular basis, even to the points of intubation and beyond. I now just refuse to eat out when he's working. :-)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

It is nice to meet you. I have been following your blog as well. For some reason, it won't let me post a comment.

You have a unique situation being a firefighter, married to a firefighter. I can't imagine being inubated by my husband! Yikes!

Your wedding pictures are beautiful.

It sounds like you come from a rich legacy of firefighters. My husband can only hope that at least one of his children will follow in his footsteps.

Blessings! Thanks for your comment!

christy rose said...

Oh No! I am so sorry to hear about Ann! My Rachel fell when she was about 2 years old and gashed her eye above her eyebrow too. Of course, I am not married to a paramedic. My my husband was not home either. We had just had our third baby and she was only a week old. I could not run her to the hospital with a three year old son, a 2 year old that was hurt and a 1 week old infant. So, I called him from work and he came flying home. I am so glad that he took Rachel to get stitches. He said it was a horrible experience too. Rachel still remembers it to this day and she is 14 now.

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