Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kept My Joy!

Yesterday, I had such a victory. I have had a lack of joy in my parenting lately. I have really been focusing on all the negative things that my children have been doing and not looking at the blessings. I went into the day intentionally looking for each blessing. Even though I had one of the most intense disciplining days (with the two older boys) that I have had in awhile, I managed to keep smiling and stay calm. We didn't get done homeschooling until 4:00 p.m. and they didn't get any playtime as I kept applying consequences, but by the end of the day they turned it around and we had a nice evening together.

As Steve and I reflected on the day, instead of thinking of all the bad things that happened, I instead focused on the cute, funny and thoughtful things that occurred. There were many!

I want to make this a holy-habit! lately, all my energy has been drained because of disciplining. It has to stop. Focus on the sweet things, while I'm disciplining. What a challenge this will be! But the mind is everything and I am determined with the Spirit's help to take captive my thoughts instead of letting this negativity run me down. Will you pray for me?


Toni Floyd said...

Yes, I will pray for you about this and will you pray for me too? Consistant, effective, disciplining in the midst of a busy day can be so emotionally and physically draining, not to mention spiritually draining. What has been helping me lately is staying in God's word and seeking his heart every time I'm in one of those battles with the kids. It's usually a power struggle with some child over something they don't want to do. It can be very frustrating to return to this same issue day after day. All I can say is, I hear ya girl! Love ya, Toni.

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

I remember the endless days of power struggles...Prayer helps, so does remembering the positive and forgetting the negative. I also kept reminding myself that with every disobedience the child is asking the question: do you love me? Do you love me enough to give me the boundaries I can't give myself.

It was still exhausting. :)) Of course I'll pray for you.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so proud of you, Stace. I'm ashamed to say, I lost my joy with Hailey today. I should've known better than to go clothes shopping at JC Penney when Hailey wouldn't go down for her nap today. The kids clothes were in the balcony and she kept saying she had to go potty. I'd run her all the way down to the basement and then she wouldn't go. After the second time she did this. I was furious. I definitely lost my joy and blew my witness to the lady at the counter as I'm dealing with a fussy two year old and a little boy who won't stand by me. I pray I will do better this evening. We have to go to a going away pizza party for some friends and as usual, I'm flying Hans Solo. I probably won't stay long since Hailey never did take a nap today. I'll continue to pray for you as I know you are doing for me. Love Ya, Sis!

Cat said...

I am praying for you as I write...to thank you for the open communication you share on life that happens around you and your responses. Life is just too hard when we focus on the wrong stuff. I love you deeply and was glad to share with you this morning.

Jessica said...

Such a great decision for your focus! There really can be such frustrating moments, but certainly those sweet, cute ones make it all worthwhile, right?! Thanks for the reminder of the benefits of a positive outlook!

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