Friday, August 7, 2009

A Happy Ending

The Lord gave me the idea to ask our neighbor, Loren about what to do with the cat. I was actually thinking he might be able to put it out of it's misery since my dad wasn't available. My poor dad is the grim reaper around here. The kids took it up to his house and he said that he knew where the mother was! Yeah!!!! He is going to take it the mother and thought it might be allright once he gets some kitty milk into his tummy. I'm so thankful!

So the kitten is gone and I don't have to do a kitty-cat funeral! Whoo, hoo! Praise the Lord!


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Chris in FL said...

My kids found two, 4wk old kittens last was a meower and the other very quiet. My neighbor suggested we feed them kitty formula. So we did just that. Actually, a few months prior we found a baby squirrel and nursed him with puppy formula until he was able to eat nuts. Fascinating experience. Anyway. We ended up keeping the quiet kitty. She is so adorable and is an indoor/outdoor cat now. My daughter had prayed for a kitten for years, so when she asked if she could keep it we said...."why not".

The loud cat went to my neighbor who eventually gave her away.

Well good thing for you the kitty went to it's momma.

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