Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cell Phone Woes and Life in General

Yesterday I decided to give my cell phone a bath! I had it in my apron pocket and forgot to take it out. I pulled out a "possessed" phone. I took it down to the store and they said to put it in a bag of rice for a week. It is supposed to draw the moisture out. I'm curious to know if it works. I'll let you know.
I caught this precious picture of Daddy and Lily snoozing on the couch this morning. Steve took the day off, so Candy came over and watched the five older kids so we could go on a date. We went to Lilo's Hawaiian BBQ. It was yummy! Steve didn't like it, though. We also got to go shopping with just Lily, talk about easy!!!

Yesterday, I was still in bulk-cooking mode and made four casseroles! My freezer is filling up with meals and it feels so good. They will come in handy when soccer season comes (Sept and Oct).

The weather has finally cooled off some and we are venturing outside more. I love it when my kids can play outside. We all get along better when we can have a bit more space.

I homeschooled today and it went fairly well. Attitudes haven't been too bad. I'm just glad life has slowed down some.

The kids want to sleep outside in the tent tonight. We are considering. It usually ends up being a huge mess, by the time the kids "move" out there and it is a fight to get them to put everything away (books, blankets, toys, pillows, twelve sleeping bags, you name it). I still think they would have fun sleeping on the trampoline. We haven't tried that yet.

Lily has had a fever on and off the past two days. She got her shots yesterday and her legs were hurting her pretty bad. I just hold her and nurse her a lot. She is getting so chubby and cute! Her thighs are just adorable.

I will leave you with a blurb from "Devotions for a Sacred Marriage" that really encouraged me today.

"It's not so much that your marriage is difficult; the state of marriage is difficult. Don't be discouraged. It's the price we pay for a glorious return. Certainly, there's a place for the how-to approach; we can learn how to communicate better, how to resolve conflict, and a host of other skills. But we can't overcome the reality that it'll never be easy to be married...I know of few other challenges like it; certainly, I can't imagine any that last as long and test you so personally and so deeply. But that, in an odd sort of way, is its very appeal: "The one who can accept this should accept it."...The difficulty of marriage is both its challenge and its glory. It can make us, and it can break us. It may indeed be a difficult road, but it is a holy road that can lead us toward God."
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Chris in FL said...

So now I am curious about the cell phone in rice deal....hmmm....Yeah, I wonder if it will work? I wished I would have know when I washed my daughter's ipod nano...I wonder if it works with ipods. To late was put in the trash long ago.

Hope Lily feels better....she is so cute.

Scrapingirl said...

Please keep us posted. You are the third person I know who washed their phone. What is going on with us?!

Parsley said...

Would love a few of your freezer recipes. I've had a need to cook for friends that are sick and need something quick from freezer to oven.

OurLilFullFam said...

I hope that works, i will try to remember that!

What a sweet picture! She is getting so big. I hate how they grow so fast, seems like so much faster than when you are pregnant!


Cassandra-ann said...

Lily looks so big! and i hope she feels better soon...
I too want to know how your phone in the rice turns out :-)

Cassandra xx

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love that quote at the end. Thanks for sharing that with us! Glad you had a back up cellphone. What a sweet picture of Lily and Steve.

Grandma Becky said...

Sorry to hear about your cell phone. Hope it dries out. Thanks for the marriage devotion. Indeed it is a journey where we both have to work at it. But it's worth it and we are happy after 2 children and 31 years of marriage.We homeschooled as well. I like your blog and will try to keep up with you. I live in Oregon as well, south of Portland. My husband and I visited the museum you have pictured, last year. Great place!!God bless--Becky

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