Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nana Ethel and Lily

Nana Ethel and Papa Vern came for a visit. I just love watching them get reaquainted with Lily. She is changing so quickly.
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Cat said...

Little Lily looks so much like Andrew all of a sudden. I always liken her to Jacob, not this time, though. There is nothing like a new little one for a grandma...and I speak from experience!

Rachel and Family said...

LOVE your van! Can't wait to see you drive it momma!

Lily is picture perfect!!

candy said...

Ethel looks so happy with little Lil.Makes me anxious for our little one. Yes Lily is growing so fast. I love your van and I know at least one little boy is proud of it. love candy

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

It is freaky how much she looks like Andrew in that last picture. Ethel is so sweet with her. Yeah for getting Ethel on Facebook! We got both our MIL's on the web within one week of each other. How did we accomplish that?

christy rose said...

Those pictures are so sweet!

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