Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pics of Hubby on The Job

Steve is a Lt., so he sits in the passenger side of the Engine. They were showing up to the call here.

Here he is treating the patient. They were so busy last night and they were really low on manning. Candy and I kept praying for them. We kept hearing sirens over and over. I hope they got the help that they needed. With only four guys at the station, it can get scary when they are slammed. Not enough men to go around! Thanks, Candy, for sending me the pictures. I can't wait to show the kids!

My former neighbor had a call next to her house and she saw that Steve was on it, so she quickly grabbed her camera and caught these pictures of my hubby working hard. I don't get to see him in action much, so seeing him in this role is strange for me. I'm used to seeing him in his sweats and T-shirts, having fun with his family.


Parsley said...

Does your husband's dept get a lot of calls that aren't really 'emergencies'? My guy's group gets calls that make me wonder...why?

These guys volunteer and get taken away from their families in the middle of the night of from their paying jobs in the day to assist EMS with some really silly things sometimes. The majority of calls are valid though.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

It seems the "bogas" calls come in rashes. It frustrates Steve to no end. He has gone on people who want to use the ambulance for a taxi service and have even said, "I can't afford a taxi". So you can afford a $500 ambulance bill? They won't pay it though and the department will end up writing it off.

What is scary is when people call for a stubbed toe or something like that, they don't understand that they are taking man-power away for a more serious call, not to mention the risk that the firemen put themselves in as they travel at a high rate of speed to these "emergencies".

OK, I'm off my soapbox now!

candy said...

I am so very proud of Steve,he is very good at what he does He is also so good with your children. I love the guy he's a good one.
It was so exciting to see him in action. God is good to us. When ever we hear a siren go by we run to look for Steve. Wyatt & MaKenna love him too. You should see Dennis run to see if it is Steve. Yes around here Steve is 'the Man'.

Jessica said...

Awesome pics of your hero in action! How great of your friend to share those w/ you!

Rachel and Family said...

Paul and I both looked at these. We bet Steve makes a great paramedic/fireman! Thank you for your service Steve!! You make the world a better place!

Cat said...

Boy, oh boy! Were you surprised when you got OUR EMT's for Jackie's injury when you visited nearly 4 years ago? I'll bet Steve would have handled her with much more care. He is one of a kind!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'll never forget when they accidently pulled my hair! Made me not think about my shoulder for a few seconds. Lol! They were trying though.

Awesome pictures of Steve in action!

You are married to a hero and these pictures prove it!

Hydrant girl said...

Great pictures! Very cool to have them of him on the job

Kay Holt said...

Hellos, I am new to blogging. I have found the group of "Firewives" and love all the blogs. I have added you to my following list, your words are inspiring. Feel free to follow my blog. And if you have twitter follow me at KMHolt08. Excited to read more of you posts :)

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