Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New TKD Stripe and Mommy Stuff

I'm posting a bunch of pictures I just downloaded because I'm going to go visit my sis this weekend. Marcus came home from Tae Kwon Do yesterday with another stripe on his belt. He had memorized all 13 TKD School Rules. He was pretty excited!
Here is a close up of it. Get this, Steve just joined TKD last night! He has lost a bunch of weight and is really excited to be able to do some of the things he's been longing to do. He is riding his bike all over the place now, too! I'm so proud of him! I'm thrilled that he joined TKD, because it means off totally off of the hook (as far as learning it). This is something he will do with the kids. I'll watch and be their cheerleader and take them too and from, but that is it. Whoo, hoo! Not my thing...
OK, next picture! Lily turned four months today! She looks so sweet here! She just cracks us all up when she gets "spazzy".
Mom is painting Jessica's nails and toenails. Jacob is begging to have his done. Sorry, I'm not painting my boy's fingernails! Steve was watching and was thrilled that I didn't start that! Did you notice that the apron Catherine made me is reversible? I was wearing it up until a few minutes ago. Lily just doused it with a stream of puke! I used it to gather my beans up this afternoon, too. I just love it, Catherine!

I have been so busy today. Swimming lessons and then cooking up a storm for Steve and the kids while I'm gone. I made a pork roast, a loaf of bread, Breaded Parmesan pork with noodles and a marinara sauce topped with mozzarella, and a meat dip. Whew! I think he'll be set this weekend!

This evening should be more relaxing. Diana is going to take the older boys and I'll just hang out with the younger ones. I need to think of something fun to do. It's hot, so maybe I'll watch them play on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath. They just love it when I watch them do all of their tricks!
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Parsley said...

Hooray for family fun in TKD! I know it's not your thing but maybe some day.... Hey, look at me. Never say never :)

Cat said...

I applaud Steve! And I applaud your for letting him go ahead with his pleasure in TKD. You just go ahead and watch those little darlings, cheering them on. Lily looks so much like Jacob. What a darling chubby thing she is!

Rachel and Family said...

Congratulations Marcus and Steve! I saw him riding his bike the other day. The kids were all screaming in the van "there's Steeeeeve!".

Tricia said...

I signed up to follow your blog. I really enjoy looking at all of the pictures of your kids. They are all so cute!

Chris in FL said...

Your baby is sooo cute. My kids do the same with the trampoline. FUN!!

Chris in FL

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