Monday, July 27, 2009

Lily and Jackie on The Bike

I got these cute photographs of Jackie and Lily with her bike. Lily looked so tiny on it!
I love this picture of Lily in the saddle bag.
I watched the kids so Jackie could go for a bike ride every evening. It was my gift to her. She is an amazing mom and I wanted her to have a little break.
I had never seen her ride that huge bike before and looked on in amazement. I have a whole new respect for my sister. I tried to sit on it and just get it off the kickstand and I couldn't get it to move. I seriously don't know how she does this. It is so heavy! She looked really good on it and she is a very defensive driver. Team Oregon really helped her with that.
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Jessica said...

Personal time is a great gift...what a sweet and thoughtful sister you are!

Parsley said...

That's your sis's Harley?! AWESOME.

Heather said...

That really is incredible! I ride on the back of Dan's but I have no desire to be in charge. She's pretty brave.

I bet she's thankful you were there to give her a little nice of you!

I'll see you on Thursday, I'm taking some time off to come watch Tristyn swim :)

Anonymous said...

I agree - the picture in the saddle bag is so cute. Very nice of you to do that for her.

candy said...

Yes the saddlebag picture is sweet. Josh looks like he is having fun too. It's almost like having you to himself. I'm glad you all had a nice time. Grandma Mary looks fabulous. Man 80!!! No Way!!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thank you so much for letting me go for all those rides. I really appreciated it and it was a wonderful gift! The picture of Lily in the saddle bag is so adorable. You have to send those pictures to me.

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