Sunday, July 5, 2009

Camping With Six Kids!

So we attempted to go camping this Fourth of July weekend with my dad and stepmom and my sis, Jackie and her family. I can't believe how much work it was packing up six kids for four days. We ended up only staying two nights. It was just too hard with a baby and Steve doesn't like to rough it the way my family does. He likes a toilet and a shower! This place didn't even have water. This hunter's cabin was pretty rustic and had lots of bugs. At first I thought I would stay in it with the baby, but after watching three bugs crawl over my sleeping bag and having a fly keep landing on Lily's eye, I called it quits. I borrowed Jackie's extra tent and Lily and I slept in that. The problem was this, I didn't have a mattress, so my hips were KILLING me! I tried putting two comforters underneath, but it didn't help. The next night my stepmom said I could borrow a cushion from their camper. It helped a lot even though it was extremely narrow. Lily did great despite it being really cold out. I bundled her up in a sleeper and then put a bunny suit over that. She slept way better than I did.
As you can see we brought the scooter. I didn't know if there would be a place to ride it, but there was a nice gravel road that I took it on a couple of times. I'm glad we brought it. The fourwheeler was a blast! Jackie borrowed a four wheeler, so we got to go on a hour long ride together. We tore up the trail and had a blast doing it! The scenery was breathtaking. Unfortunatly, when you are on a four-wheeler you can't see as much as you would on horseback. Next time I come up, I want to go on horseback.
Behind this little shed is the outhouse. It wasn't too bad and it didn't stink very much.
Here is on of the views from the cabin.
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Cat said...

Good grief, Charlie Brown...I mean Stacie Brown! Aren't you glad Steve hates 'roughing it'! At least you were there a much shorter time. The scenery is beautiful, and it sounds like you have plans to return with more comfy accommodations and play equipment.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I sure missed you when you guys left. The next two days weren't as hot. I'm so glad we got to go on our ride together. I had so much fun! I was proud of you for keeping up with me on the four wheelers. You did good, sis!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Keeping up with you? If I would have been in front you would have been eatin' my dust! LOL!

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