Monday, July 27, 2009

Break Down on Freeway (Not Fun)

As I was heading back home. Along a vast and lonely stretch of freeway, I threw my serpintine (sp?) belt. I was able to pull off to the narrow shoulder. I called Steve at home and he phoned for a tow truck. It was 100 degrees out and we were not in the shade. I was so scared for Lily. There was nothing I could do. Praise God she slept for an hour while we waited for th tow truck to come.
I told Josh to take pictures. This is after I nursed her in the tow truck. Look how red her little cheeks were. We had a half of a bottle of water (it was hot) to share between Josh and I.
Here is Josh walking along the other side of the guardrail. The poor kid was so hot in the car, I thought maybe it would help to get out and walk a bit. After I reassured him that the car was not going to blow up, he was pretty cool about the whole thing. I was really proud of him.
Here I am with Lily relieved to be in a tow truck and to know that it had seatbelts for all of us. I was grateful to God for so many things. I hate being next to big rigs driving 65 mph just a few feet away from our disabled car. It made me really nervous. I know several accidents that Steve has gone on from people being rearended just sitting by the freeway. I didn't cry until I got home. I still feel like I'm recovering from it. Another praise is that the tow truck driver was a sweet Christian man that even took us home after dropping the car off at the mechanic.

I have never been stranded along a freeway and I hope I never have to be again. I thank the Lord, that I did not have all my children with me. That would have been so much harder.

Also, I am sooooo grateful for air-conditioning. Even the tow truck's AC was out. I don't want to leave my home now!
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Jessica said...

Oh, I'm so glad you and the lil' ones were safe and that such a wonderful person brought you safely home---to the A/C! We were w/out A/C here in our new place for almost 3 weeks this summer, right after we moved in, so I know exactly what you mean about appreciating it and worrying about the kids w/out it in the vehicle. :)

Cat said...

Your blog has changed a little on commenting, but I've figured it out. I've been praying for you, so now I know why. I pray that this will be a testimony for Josh. God is so good to take care of us...challenge us, yes, and provide!

I've missed you while you were gone.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness how scary!!!! I'm so thankful that you made it home safe and sound with you :) A serpantine belt isn't too expensive is it? I broke down on the highway a couple of years ago with all the kids and my mom we were about an hour away from home also. It is very scary when those cars go whipping by. Ours ending up being the fuel shutoff switch. We were thankful that it was a cheap repair but we never did figure out how the switch was tripped????????

Rachel and Family said...

Oh Stacie! I feel so bad for you! What a terrible thing to go through! I'm so glad you are all okay!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...


How has my comments changed? I haven't changed the settings...Thank you for your prayers.


I just found out the repairs will be $211. We couldn't believe how much it was! The only good thing is we thought we didn't have towing insurance, so we will get reimbursed the $177 for the tow.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so glad you are OK! Praise God you only had Josh and Lily with you. Poor little Lily's cheeks are definitely red.

Love you so much and even though you had a break down, I hope it was worth the visit.

Anonymous said...

Oh my doesn't sound like a fun experience - I've had that happen a couple of times. Thank God it all turned out okay. And I'm with you on the trucks flying by - do not like that feeling at all. Feels like the cars going to topple over :)

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