Monday, July 13, 2009

Are You Content?

This is a devotion that I wrote several years ago, right before God moved us into our new house. I hope you enjoy it!

Are You Content?

Here in America, contentment seems to be a foreign word. Most believers I know (including me not so very long ago) are up to their eyeballs in debt. Why is waiting so hard for us? Why is waiting on the Lord so difficult?

I have just had the most unbelievable lesson on contentment. Did it take one week? Four weeks? One year? Actually, this lesson was over a TWO YEAR span. God graciously worked on my heart. He knew that contentment was not something that was a strong point in my life. He shaped me and molded me as we waited on Him to provide a bigger house for our growing family. He protected us when we foolishly thought that we could sell our house and get a bigger one when we still had a significant amount of debt to pay off. God helped us pay off $20,000 of debt last year alone! Was it easy? NO!!! He never said it would be! Was it fun? NO! But oh the joy we are experiencing now in having a little more freedom in our finances.

I prayed two years ago that if we were going to stay in this two bedroom house (with four children) that God would show me how to be creative with what I had. He graciously provided everything that we needed. I learned to purge with ruthless abandon (much to the grandparents displeasure!). I learned to do without certain things. I learned what was really important. I also learned to be grateful for what I had. God showed me over and over that we were so lucky to have a roof over our heads that didn’t leak, and food in the cupboard to feed our children. I, in turn, taught my children contentment when they were get frustrated with the lack of space and privacy in our home. They became thankful as well for what God had provided for us. They learn so much from our example.

God has moved us forward and we are now moving into a bigger house. Do you know when it happened? I wrote the check less than two weeks ago that paid off the last of our debt (except our mortgage). Within two weeks we made an offer on a bigger house and sold our existing house.

When God moves, He moves! When He asks us to stay we need to willingly stay where we are and try our hardest not to run ahead of Him. Oh the blessings we receive when we walk in obedience no matter what the situation is.

Listen to His voice. Be content. Walk with Him.

From One Mom to Another,


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Great reminder, Stace!

Cat said...

I remember with fondness this lesson you learned. You learned it for more women that yourself! Thank you for sharing then...and now about our lack. Our lack of contentment is really a greater lack than that of material possessions. I needed the 'contentment' reminder too! Thanks.

Rachel and Family said...

Good devotion!!

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