Sunday, July 19, 2009

38 Ways You Can Teach Children to Help the Persecuted Church

38 Ways Children and Adults Can Help the Persecuted Church

1.Make bookmarks for friends to remind them to pray for suffering Christians.

2.Help someone subscribe to a free Voice of the Martyrs magazine.

3.Commit to praying for one persecuted Christian for 30 days.

4.Make a scrapbook of stories about persecuted Christians.

5.Set up an exhibit table about persecution at church.

6.Help your church observe the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

7.When you are asked to pray in a group, remember the needs of the persecuted.

8.Pray for persecuted Christians you see on the news.

9.Make paper flags to remind you to pray for countries where Christians are persecuted.

10.Write letters to missionaries or soldiers serving in countries hostile to Christians (Iraq, Afghanistan)

11.Make a doorknob hanger as a reminder to pray for struggling Christians.

12.Send Bibles and other Christian books to VOM for shipment to restricted countries.

13.Use time waiting in checkout lines or stoplights to pray for suffering Christians.

14.Buy a book about a martyr. Read it, and then donate it to the library.

15.Make a paper chain with links containing the names of Christians to pray for.

16.Hold a bake sale, or find a way to raise money to send the proceeds to help persecuted Christians.

17.Write letters to persecuted Christians in prison. Visit the VOM website for information.

18.Use time riding in the car to pray for persecuted Christians.

19.Attach pictures of persecuted Christians to a world map. Pray for them.

20.Record your prayers for persecuted Christians in a prayer journal.

21.Using a Bible to help you, write a report about why Christians suffer.

22.On a map, draw a small cross on a country each time you pray for the people there.

23.Recycle cans to raise funds to help persecuted Christians.

24.Share stories of victorious Christians with someone who is discouraged.

25.Worship outside and remember those whose churches have been burned.

26.Learn some words in the language of a country where you want to minister someday.

27.Save the fronts of Christmas cards to use as postcards for Christian prisoners.

28.Read Isaiah 41:10 and Psalm 107:19 as prayers for persecuted Christians.

29.Share about persecuted Christians at family meals or devotions.

30.Pray for persecutors to repent and follow Jesus.

31.Start a letter-writing club to write to Christian prisoners.

32.Find the names of leaders of restricted nations in an almanac. Pray for them.

33.Serve a dinner featuring food from a restricted country. Share about Christians there.

34.Phone a friend once a week to pray together for persecuted Christians.

35.Collect spare change in a jar for a year to support a VOM project.

36.Hold a weekly or monthly fast from TV, computer games, or dessert as a prayer reminder.

37.Hold an “underground church service.” Sing and pray quietly.

38.Invite party guests to bring items needed by the persecuted instead of gifts.


Cat said...

Whew! Thank you for those reminders and GREAT ideas! I will incorporate some in my class this year.

Rachel and Family said...

Stacie, I love this and I can see your zeal for ministering to the persecuted. What a special calling.
Didn't you do a presentation for your church once? Maybe you could come do it for us?? Let's talk.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...


I would be honored to share at your church! Let's set up a date.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Your passion for the persucted church has inspired me so much these last few years. You've moved me from just hearing about it to getting involved. I love your heart, Sis!

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