Friday, July 31, 2009


It is so stinking hot today (103 degrees) that we just stayed inside. I didn't want them watching TV all day, so somehow I came up with enough energy to give the boys some mohawks. What can I say? You do weird things when you're bored!
Josh and Marcus giving each other knuckle sandwhiches.
I used up the last of my hair goop that I used when I had short hair. We had fun, but what a mess it was to clean up all that hair! Andrew, Jacob and Jessica kept tromping through it.

I picked up Marcus from camp. He had a great time! He was homesick (which made me feel really good), so he was pretty glad to see me. He talked my ear off all the way back from Camp Morrow.
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Punctured Ear Drum

The other day, Jacob came out of my bathroom screaming. He had a Q-tip in his hand. I asked him if he had shoved it in his ear. He nodded. The next morning, I saw dried blood on the outside of his ear. I took him in to see the Dr. and they confirmed that he had punctured it. Poor baby! He is on antibiotics to prevent infection and can not have his ears in water for at least a week. I will now be putting my Q-Tips way up high from the little ones. The doc says that his hearing should be fine, though. That was my main concern for him. He doesn't seem to be in pain anymore.

I took Lily in to see the doctor today and she is growing like a weed. She is now over 13 lbs!

Josh, Steve and I all have a minor head-cold right now. I'm already tired from not sleeping. Lily has been trying to cut her bottom teeth since I went to visit my sis. She has had a fever on and off so we weren't able to get her shots done today either.

Today was the last day of swimming lessons. I'm so grateful they are over. I hate rushing around in the morning and HAVING to be somewhere. I'm not used to that and it stresses me out. I can't wait to get back into my routine of homeschooling in the morning and then relaxing, cooking and playing with the kids in the afternoon/evening.

It has been so hot here lately (106 degrees in the afternoon) that I have taken pity on the kiddos and let them watch a movie while I nap. It works as long as Lily and Jacob are sleeping. You go outside in this and you just melt like a Popsicle! I don't even feel like gardening in that kind of weather and my yard is showing it. Weeds are everywhere! It is hard to stay on top of it with a four month old, so I give myself grace.

Jackie gave me a cook book (early Christmas present, I know REALLY early), but I have been having fun looking at some new recipes and making up a menu. I should be able to shop tomorrow, so I can try some of them.

Steve is off today and has gone on three calls so far. He comes in, he goes out, he comes in , he goes out! I forget to say goodbye to him half the time!

I went and looked at a 12 passenger van today. It was in really good shape and they only wanted $8,000 for it. It was a 2001 and had 70,000 on it. I'm starting to feel hope that we will get a decent van when the time is right. I just keep praying that God will put the perfect van in our path. It also helps to have Paul (our good friend), be looking for us. He is an amazing businessman/pastor who has been dealing vans since he has been with The Salvation Army.

That's about it, just trying to stay cool and get to feeling better. Hope everyone else is having a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mothering With Wisdom

Mothering with Wisdom

“If any man lacks wisdom, then he should ask for it.” –James 1:5

In my mothering journey, I have come to bumps in the road in which I had no idea what to do. Some of these issues have included potty training, disciplining, maintaining my peace in the midst of the chaos, and homeschooling my children. So what did I do when I got to this point? Did I cry, worry and fret over it? You bet! Was that God’s Will for me? No way!

The Bible says “If any man lacks wisdom, then he should ask for it.” After reading that verse, I now try my best to go to Him and ask Him for the wisdom that I need. Every time I think I have disciplining figured out, the child starts to change and it just doesn’t work anymore. I am having to constantly reexamine how I run my home to make everyone in my family have more peaceful surroundings. And in homeschooling (hah!) I have no clue what I’m doing as I continue to move forward in trying to educate my children in our home. If it weren’t for the grace and wisdom of God, I would fall flat on my face and fail everyday!

Cry out for wisdom, make her your friend! God will richly bless when you do. He gives it to you in abundance right when you need it. I know this so well. The most recent example I can think of is when God answered a specific prayer for wisdom. I was having trouble trying to figure out how to teach my oldest son in math and reading. We seemed to have hit a wall and just couldn’t move forward. I finally called out to God and asked Him for His wisdom and understanding so that I could teach my son more effectively. I knew something was wrong and that he might have some problems with learning these subjects. Two days after I uttered that prayer, God sends me a wonderfully gifted missionary who asks to take my son and evaluate him for learning disabilities because she needs to do this to help further her education. The best part was that it was absolutely FREE! She took him for 35 hours and gave me so many ideas of how to homeschool him more effectively and also reaffirmed some things that I had been seeing. Now instead of frustration and tears, we are having successful and tearless school days. It’s been wonderful! I thank God and praise Him for it. If only I would have asked Him sooner!

So the next time you feel like you’ve hit a wall and just don’t know what to do, ask Him what it is you are supposed to do. He created you and your child. He knows what is best and He will guide and lead you to do it. He will give you the resources to supply you with all your needs in Christ Jesus.

Look up, pray, and wait expectantly!

From One Mom to Another,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Break Down on Freeway (Not Fun)

As I was heading back home. Along a vast and lonely stretch of freeway, I threw my serpintine (sp?) belt. I was able to pull off to the narrow shoulder. I called Steve at home and he phoned for a tow truck. It was 100 degrees out and we were not in the shade. I was so scared for Lily. There was nothing I could do. Praise God she slept for an hour while we waited for th tow truck to come.
I told Josh to take pictures. This is after I nursed her in the tow truck. Look how red her little cheeks were. We had a half of a bottle of water (it was hot) to share between Josh and I.
Here is Josh walking along the other side of the guardrail. The poor kid was so hot in the car, I thought maybe it would help to get out and walk a bit. After I reassured him that the car was not going to blow up, he was pretty cool about the whole thing. I was really proud of him.
Here I am with Lily relieved to be in a tow truck and to know that it had seatbelts for all of us. I was grateful to God for so many things. I hate being next to big rigs driving 65 mph just a few feet away from our disabled car. It made me really nervous. I know several accidents that Steve has gone on from people being rearended just sitting by the freeway. I didn't cry until I got home. I still feel like I'm recovering from it. Another praise is that the tow truck driver was a sweet Christian man that even took us home after dropping the car off at the mechanic.

I have never been stranded along a freeway and I hope I never have to be again. I thank the Lord, that I did not have all my children with me. That would have been so much harder.

Also, I am sooooo grateful for air-conditioning. Even the tow truck's AC was out. I don't want to leave my home now!
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Grandma's 80th Birthday Part 2

These are the dear family that we were able to celebrate with. Nathan and Debbie, Jim and Kathy, Mom and Larry, Jackie, Josiah and Hailey, and Lily, Josh and I. I think we made Grandma's day!
I gave Josh the camera and he took several shots of Lily. You can really see her blue eyes in this one.
Jim and Kathy fell in love with Lily. Kathy begged to hold her and I was only too glad to let her so I could help Jackie with the party.
Josiah waiting patiently for his cake.
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Grandma's 80th Birthday

I had to throw this picture in. Hailey just cracked me up! We went to a pizza buffet and Hailey said she was poopy. Jackie said, "Let's change your diaper." Hailey just plopped down on the floor and assumed this position! It was so cute!
Josh taking picture sof himself at Grandma's 80th birthday party at her retirement home.
Here is Grandma Mary. Isn't she pretty? Twelve of her family members were able to come and celebrate with her. We had a nice lunch (courtesy of the home) and we provided cake for all of the residents.

Grandma Mary with her "twins".
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Similar Taste

When Jackie and I go shopping we seem to always get matching shirts. We have VERY similar taste! We love these modest tank tops that we got on sale.
Me and Jackie's kitchen.
We took the kids to a hot springs nearby (it wasn't very hot). This was Lily's first time in a pool. She was teething terribly that day and even refused to nurse. Her gums were swollen and she wouldn't stop screaming. I almost didn't go, but was hoping she would nap on the way there. Josh, Josiah and Hailey had a ball swimming!

Here is a picture of the pool. It was pretty small. But we got to watch a baptism from a local camp. That was cool!
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Hot Lake

I went and visited my sis and their is this really cool old resert called Hot Lake Springs. The history behind this "resort" is amazing.
They are currently trying to restore part of this old resort to it's former glory.
The lake behind us had steam coming out of it. Here is Jackie with the kids. I only took Lily and Josh this time and it was very relaxing. We got out and did a lot of stuff together. Yardsaling was our favorite!
Lily and Josh at Hot Lake.
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Lily and Jackie on The Bike

I got these cute photographs of Jackie and Lily with her bike. Lily looked so tiny on it!
I love this picture of Lily in the saddle bag.
I watched the kids so Jackie could go for a bike ride every evening. It was my gift to her. She is an amazing mom and I wanted her to have a little break.
I had never seen her ride that huge bike before and looked on in amazement. I have a whole new respect for my sister. I tried to sit on it and just get it off the kickstand and I couldn't get it to move. I seriously don't know how she does this. It is so heavy! She looked really good on it and she is a very defensive driver. Team Oregon really helped her with that.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New TKD Stripe and Mommy Stuff

I'm posting a bunch of pictures I just downloaded because I'm going to go visit my sis this weekend. Marcus came home from Tae Kwon Do yesterday with another stripe on his belt. He had memorized all 13 TKD School Rules. He was pretty excited!
Here is a close up of it. Get this, Steve just joined TKD last night! He has lost a bunch of weight and is really excited to be able to do some of the things he's been longing to do. He is riding his bike all over the place now, too! I'm so proud of him! I'm thrilled that he joined TKD, because it means off totally off of the hook (as far as learning it). This is something he will do with the kids. I'll watch and be their cheerleader and take them too and from, but that is it. Whoo, hoo! Not my thing...
OK, next picture! Lily turned four months today! She looks so sweet here! She just cracks us all up when she gets "spazzy".
Mom is painting Jessica's nails and toenails. Jacob is begging to have his done. Sorry, I'm not painting my boy's fingernails! Steve was watching and was thrilled that I didn't start that! Did you notice that the apron Catherine made me is reversible? I was wearing it up until a few minutes ago. Lily just doused it with a stream of puke! I used it to gather my beans up this afternoon, too. I just love it, Catherine!

I have been so busy today. Swimming lessons and then cooking up a storm for Steve and the kids while I'm gone. I made a pork roast, a loaf of bread, Breaded Parmesan pork with noodles and a marinara sauce topped with mozzarella, and a meat dip. Whew! I think he'll be set this weekend!

This evening should be more relaxing. Diana is going to take the older boys and I'll just hang out with the younger ones. I need to think of something fun to do. It's hot, so maybe I'll watch them play on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath. They just love it when I watch them do all of their tricks!
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More Garden Pics

Any guesses on what kind of plant this might be? It has no blooms just white berries that eventually turn dark red at the end of the summer. This plant keeps getting taller and more and more shoots come up every year.
I think this is Rose of Sharon.
More glads. These are orangish.
Here is my attempt at a garden this year. I have three cherry tomato plants, strawberries on the left, and lots of bush beans on the right. I have never got a better yield of beans then I have this year! I don't have any regular size tomatoes this year because the plants were marked incorrectly. I'm counting on everyone else who has tons of tomatoes to perhaps give us some (hint, Diana)!
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Gladies/Petunias and Clamatis

The color of this glad is brilliant!
Andrew's hanging baskets are lovely.
I think this is a type of allysum.
My clematis vines have never looked better!
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