Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Toddler Versus Toilet (Again)

He looks so innocent doesn't he?
We had been having trouble again with one of our toilets. We bought a snake and tried pushing whatever was jammed in it through. It would work for awhile, but kept filling up whenever the kids would take a poo. Today, it finally wouldn't go down so we had to bite the bullet and call the plumber. As Jacob blissfully napped, the plumber had to push, pull, yank, and take the entire toilet out to get a 10 cent toy out of it! This is the second time in two months we have had to call this plumber. Oh, his name is Casey! We are on first name basis now. It ended up costing $151 instead of $170. He only charged us for an hour and a half even though he was here well over two hours. He must have felt sorry for us. The kids were just fascinated with the whole process and talked his ear off. I was afraid they were bugging him but he said he really enjoyed talking with them and he said my hands were full of blessings. Did I hear that correctly? I didn't get the usual, "Lady, your hands are full!" or "Wow, that's a lot of kids!". His tip was a piece of fresh-baked Blueberry Buckle cake.

I love this picture of Andrew sitting on the trampoline asking Casey tons of questions. Andrew loves to know how things work.

O.K., any ideas how to keep a toddler from throwing things in the toilet? This is getting expensive!
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, how frustrating! You can't keep the door shut because you want to encourage them to use the toilet properly. I wouldn't know what to do.

Jennifer said...

"No toys in the bathroom" rule. Or you can really threaten them by saying "No birthday/Christmas presents for the guilty party" Or less presents, if that is better for ya. :) That would drive me crazy.

Toni Floyd said...

A spanking! This is seriously getting expensive and needs serious punishment. That's what we'd do around here. Toni

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I would spank him, but it is too late after the fact. We don't find out it's a toy until about a month afterwards when the toy gets officially stuck! He is too young to understand. So I have just told him over and over, "no, no, we don't put toys in the toilet." I've never caught him actually doing it.

Jennifer said...

what a great looking family you have. thanks for the comment on my blog and for prayers for my family at the loss of my cousin Chelle. Blessings to you and yours, Jennifer

OurLilFullFam said...

No tips! I found Piglet on Friday washing tennis balls in the toilet. Thank God we found him. He had 6 in there. And he was quite proud the dog had nice clean tennis balls!

His new thing is putting treasures in the air vents. Mr. Brown caught him right before he dropped Peach's retainer in it. Pennies are his favorite to put in there right now!


RaD said...

Maybe ask the older kids to help you monitor Jacob with the toys. Tell them if they see him headed into the bathroom with a toy have them stop him or tell you. Maybe there could be a reward in it for them. You'd also have a chance to talk/punish him for going in there with a toy in the first place.

Toni Floyd said...

I must've missed that it was Jacob putting the toys in the toilet. Once again, I think that's why God makes them so darn cute or else we'd kill 'em! lol Sweet little Jacob is the culpret, huh? I've been very lucky, I mean blessed not to have ever had this issue in our house. But then again, I monitor the bathroom activities like a hawk as soon as a baby starts crawling. (someone I know had a friend that their baby drowned in the toilet) We have a latch hook ($2 at Home Depot) that we installed low enough for the older kids but too high for the ones you don't want going into the bathroom. For a while (like maybe a year or two) the bathroom door stays shut if no one is in it. Kind of a pain but everyone eventually gets into the habit. Well, that's my advice. It will keep babies and toddlers from investigating the toilet, which is for their safety anyway. I'm sorry because I know this is NOT fun to have this going on amongst the usual day to day things going on in life. Take care, Toni.

Rachel and Family said...

Unbeleivable! Your poor potties! Build an outhouse. You can't clog up a hole in the ground... well, maybe a Brown kid could (ha!ha!ha!).
My worst problem are 2 yods that I catch PLAYING in the toilets. Splashing, drinking, and rubbing themselves down with toilet water. So gross!

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