Saturday, June 20, 2009

This Week's Happenings

It's been a weird week. Nothing has gone the way I have planned it. It's been good though. We have had lots of company and was even invited over to Jeremy and Cheree's house for a BBQ last night. It is rare that people ask us over. I think they are intimidated by the size of our family. That's O.K., though, I understand. I might be if I were in their shoes. It's just the way it is. We had a very nice time and Jessica took some pictures, so if they turn out, I'll post them later.

Yesterday, I had a scare on my blog. I lost EVERYTHING on my sidebar! I just wanted to cry! All that work, gone. After much prayer and "counseling sessions" with my sister, we finally figured it out by using HELP. Boy, was I relieved. Thanks, Sis!

I'm trying to get rid of my baby tummy by doing crunches. Exercise is not my favorite thing. I also, started Yoga again (just in my living room). I'm hoping it will help me with my hip issues. I do not meditate, only stretch and try to relax as much as possible.

I've cleaned house a lot (you wouldn't know it) by how dirty it is again. Today will be busy running people around places. Steve is taking Jessica, Josh, Marcus and Andrew to do the "Relay for Life" fundraiser. After Jessica does her walk, I will get her and take her to MaKenna's slumber party. She is so excited! I think this is her official first slumber party. My daughter is part fish, so when she found out they had a swimming pool, she got pretty wound up!

I have really been working on my parenting. I decided to read "Good and Angry" again. I felt myself starting to slip back into old habits. This book is already helping me tremendously. It has been much more peaceful around here and I'm not parenting from the hip as much.

Raspberries are coming on, so that will keep up busy for about three weeks. I'll post pictures of the patch soon, so you can see what a huge task it is. I'm so glad the boys are old enough to really be of some help in this area. They have been spreading the last load of bark chip for me, too. I pay them a dollar per load. I'm going broke, but I'm not hurting my back anymore.

I haven't homeschooled (officially) this whole week. It is so nice to take a break when the weather is nice. They are still learning tons, even without the bookwork.


Cat said...

Your trouble with your blog has inspired me to take time to do mine again. It was grand central station here with flooring issues...and more! So, today is a new day, with new energy, and new issues!

Parsley said...

Do you homeschool through the year? We are on break now and did I ever need it!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Yes, I do homeschool throughout the year. It gives me a chance to take breaks every so often without feeling guilty. I need the breaks as much as they do. It helps me keep going. How old are your kids?

Parsley said...

I have an only child. She's 13. I gave her the option of time off when it wasn't so hot but she wanted off when her other friends were available for getting together.

I don't take the same breaks as the public school. I take a spring break, fall break, or Christmas break whenever I want. It allows me to vacation when the others are stuck behind their desks and makes things less crowded. haha

candy said...

Oh my Lily is holding herself up so good. She does look so much like Haylie. I still think she will have blue eyes. It sure looks it. Love you

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so glad we were able to figure out how to fix your blog. PTL! Prayer really works.

You've inspired me to start doing the "God and Angry" disciplining again and it is working so well. I think Josiah is responding splendidly.

Can't wait for some raspberries. We are all out! I miss them. We always put some in our granola on mornings we are in a hurry.

That is so great that you guys were asked to go to a bbq. I know that doesn't happen often.

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