Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roses are in Bloom!

Candy gave me this rose when Jessica turned one. When we moved, I brought it with me and transplanted it. It is doing really well, it's called "An American Beauty".
The orange mini-rose was given to me from my stepmom when Marcus was born. I had it in a pot at the old house and brought it here. It is doing awesome now and has tons of blooms!
The pink flowers are a form of wild yarrow. The purple is Salvia, and I have no idea what kind of plant is shooting up out of all of this. It doesn't exactly bloom, but has these purple berries on it at the end of summer. It keeps getting bigger and bigger and is in an odd place. I honestly don't feel like digging it up though, so it will just stay there for now.
The yellow are snapdragons and the white are a "cheddar pinks". They smell so sweet and spicy! The kids love them. I love anything that will cascade down the walls.

I should get another load of bark chip today to finish my beds. I love the look and it does help keep weeds down somewhat. I'm going broke paying the boys to help me! I have to hire them so I don't hurt my back again. I love having the help though.
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candy said...

OH MY, the Roses look wonderful. Thats the most they have bloomed isn't it. The poor things didn't have a chance over here with all the roots from trees. Everything looks so good and big.Today is the last day of school. Wyatt is so excited.he doesn't like school. He's way to young for that. MaKenna got her ears peirced. AAHH!!!They look nice.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Everything looks great! Is that the salvia that we planted?

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

No, the salvia we planted is tiny still, but it is alive and blooming so next year it should be a lot bigger.

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