Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Recording Breaking Scrapbook Camp

Jackie poses here with her 80+ pages (on the right) and my 73 pages (on the left)
We both had never gotten this much done before! It felt so good. I'm fried now, as far as ideas. Lily is completely caught up and so is the family. I even put them in their albums yesterday so the kids could see them.
Lily and I get ready to go to tea. Jackie said she looked like a little tulip in this outfit.
My beautiful sis, Jackie at the tea parlor. We went shopping and bought matching shirts. That's always fun to do when you are a twin! It really freaks people out!

Steve came home and the kids just went nuts over Lily. They missed her so much. She rolled over for the first time two days ago. Jessica went with Aunt Jackie to visit. We'll meet up this weekend when we go camping. I miss my big girl, but I know she loves to be with Jackie's kids.

So about the scrapbook weekend. It was great to be able to spend so much time with my sister. I feel like we really got to catch up. Mom brought the Wii, so we spent sometime playing that. I had never seen one before. I did some yoga, bowling, tennis and soccer. It was interesting. I don't know if I want one though. I'd rather just do it on my own then in front of a TV.

I realized how blessed I am this weekend. How many people in the world would be able to take 4 days off and just scrapbook? I have the best husband who was willing to take five kids (plus a cousin) to the beach because he knows how much I enjoy scrapbooking. Thanks, Steve!
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Cat said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! YOU! can ride this wave for a l-o-n-g time, girl. So much accomplished makes it worth it, and to be able to spend so much time with your sis, your very best friend in the whole wide world gives God even more glory, doesn't it? I'm glad for you, Stacie.

Natalie said...

WHOA !! i'm still trying to finish baby # 3's book and now I have weekly ultrasounds for # 5 oh man I might never get caught up. I was thinking about doing those photo books. I wish I had scrapping talent, you got so much done girl

Amy said...

HOLY COW!!!!!! That is some serious scrapbookin!!!! That must feel great to have accomplished so much. Do you do the pages first and then put pictures in or do they all have pictures?

candy said...

Wow!!! were you guys up all night? I know how it can get so late when you are talking to your sister, and then scrapbooking the time can just fly.I love seeing my sister too.
I had a good time too. It was so nice to see everybody. You and your sister, your Mom and her sister. What a nice time. Love Candy

candy said...

I'm sorry I meant to say How beautiful your pages were. They were all so good. I especially love the ones of Andrew. They were all ones I will look at again and again, and see something new each time.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

My pages are completely done (pictures, journaling, everything). Jackie didn't do her journalling, that is why she got even more accomplished. She is going to do that when she gets home.

Thanks, Candy. I love to show you my pages. You see all the details! Hubby just looks at the pictures.

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