Monday, June 1, 2009

Managing Chores (Dishes and Laundry)

Here is another suggestion from a mom of many that was emailed to me.

My dishwasher quit working so we have been washing dishes, so I have called upon my chillins to help me rinse. One (Zack or Hanna) will help me rinse and put to dry on a towel or rack. The other one will fold a load of laundry or two on the couch. Then when we are all done we put the clothes away and the kitchen and table are clean, and we eliminate a bit of that looming laundry. I have found it to be nice to help the kids learn how to do something right, even though it is the dishes or laundry and it gives us time to stand next to each other, so if there is anything I want to talk about it gives me an oppurtunity. Busy hands means less mischief too!

Great ideas, thank you for sharing!

Another thing I do that saves time is I do not fold underwear! Who cares if underwear is wrinkled!

I have everyone each have a basket for their folded laundry. As soon as it is full, they take it to their rooms and put it in their drawers. They older children help the little ones with theirs. I also have a basket for just towels. It fills up usually every other day, so while they are watching their movie, I tell them to fold the towels while I match the socks. Their sock matching still drives me nuts, so I don't have them do it unless I have time to do it with them.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Amen to the no folding of underwear!

candy said...

The no folding underwear would drive me bananas, I have to have it all done right.
I know about that sock sorting. I tried it there remember, They lost interest easy. But they stuck to it.They got it done. Josh was good about helping he little ones stay focused.He is such a good big brother.

RaD said...

Ha! I don't fold underwear either. Glad to know I'm not alone =)

I love the new picture at the top.

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