Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life is Good! Counting My Blessings (Literally)

Do you ever just stop and look around you and realize that life is really good? I was just thinking that at this very moment...

1. Not one of my six children are sick!

2. My husband and I are on the mountain top in our marriage right now. We are just having so much fun together and our communication has been awesome. We are good friends now (it hasn't always been like this). Thank you, Lord, for helping us get from the "valley" to the "mountain".

3. Homeschooling is going really well and isn't draining every ounce of energy from me.

4. The weather is just perfect! Not to hot and not to cold.

5. No one in our immediate family is going through a health crisis.

6. We have amazing friends that love us and want to spend time with our crazy, large family!

7. I have a beautiful baby to hold and cuddle anytime I want too.

8. My relationship with the Lord is close. We talk frequently and I praise Him often for the amazing things He has done for me.

9. We are out of debt (expect our house).

10. Steve has been getting just enough overtime to pay for all of these unexpected bills that keep popping up!

11. My garden is growing!

12. I get to have a massage today! Can't wait!

13. The kids are getting older and this whole parenting thing is getting a bit easier now that I have some help from them.

14. Steve has a stable job that he loves to do. Not every man can say that!

15. We haven't had to pay for a babysitter in over a year due to the generosity of our friends and family! We have been blessed to go on many dates this past year.

Life is just plain good right now! Thank you, Lord.

Lest, you think I've just jinxed myself, I don't believe in that. We are told to count our blessings and that is just what I did!


Rachel and Family said...

You are soooo right Stacie! Life is good! (and so are YOU!!) xoxo

Cat said...

We serve a good God who loves to hear how we appreciate all the goodness He lavishes us with! You did a good job of listing out those things.


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