Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Greeting Lily

Everyone missed Lily so much while they were at the beach. I love this picture of her daddy holding her.
The kids went crazy when they saw her. They thought she had grown up so much!

My aunt Deb took this picture of Lily and I. I just love her little outfit and her smile matches it perfectly. I am SOOOOO enjoying dressing up a little girl again!


Natalie said...

don't you love how excited your other kids get too. Lily's smileis adorable she's so happy to see her daddy, awwww :D what a blessing

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

It was so cute the way the kids just swarmed Lily as soon as they walked in the door. It just warmed my heart!

Cat said...

I can tell you that these pictures almost make ME want a baby! To see the love shared around is God's blessing to you, for sure, Stacie.

candy said...

I don't even have to be there to imagine what it was like for the kids to finally see Lily after a few days. I know the LOVE they have for one another. They are good kids. I adore them.

Amy said...

She's so stinkin cute how could you not miss her :)

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