Friday, June 12, 2009

A Firefighter's Wife Poem


The pager makes it’s beeping noise,

The scanner comes to life.

You see excitement on his face

As he goes off to fight.

No matter what you’re doing

Or whatever the current plan,

All you can say is “Later Hon”

As he gets those keys in hand.

You say a little prayer

That God will keep him safe,

That with all the pride and bravery

No one will make a mistake.

You know those men are Brothers

And fiercely will protect

The lives of each other and others–

They will truly give their best!

You and your “man’s best friend”

Are both loyal and true.

You keep each other company

Waiting for him to return to you.

And when that front door opens

With “Honey I’m home” again,

You thank the Lord he’s back OK,

Your brave and strong Fireman.



Parsley said...

Enjoyed your blog. I like the poem. My husband is a volunteer fire fighter. Feel free to stop by my blog..I love meeting new friends.

Mandy Simon said...

Enjoy reading your blog. My husbands a volunteer fire fighter and a paid EMT. It always seems the call comes in to the station he volunteers at when he gets home from a 24 hour shift. Long enough sometimes to walk in the door, sometimes not.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the poem. I am going to type it for my firefighter wife brunch.
Renee Lesbo
Wife of Captain Lesbo, Elko County Fire

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