Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catherine Visits/ Carpet Cleaned!

I have been one busy lady the last few days! My dear friend, Catherine came to visit from Idaho. I was able to have her come over for a couple of hours Tuesday morning. After chatting for a couple of hours and taking a tour of the veggie and flower gardens we me "Third Musketeer", Margaret at Spooky's for lunch. We had a wonderful lunch and took a short drive afterwards. They came to my house afterwards and we visited for another hour until Margaret had to go pick up her kids. It was delightful! I love these two ladies! This was the first time Catherine met Lily.
Two of some of my dearest friends! I have been blessed to be included in these two lady's friendship. Catherine is our true Titus 2 Woman who constantly encourages us in the Faith and to love our husbands and children better.
I am also sooooo excited! We moved in this hours 3 years ago and I have been wanting to get the carpets cleaned even before we moved in. It just didn't happen. Either we didn't have the money or the time! I always like to get my carpets cleaned before a baby is ready to start crawling. Well, I got a screaming good deal. Get this...6 rooms for $125!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I typed that right! Can you believe it. They did a great job, too.

So I feel so good right now. My house feels a little cleaner and another goal has been accomplished. Praise the Lord!

Oh, my dishwasher was fixed this morning, too! It was still under warranty, so I didn't have to pay for anything.

Now, I need to get my dishes and laundry done. Being out with the kids for 4 hours has gotten me behind again. We did have fun, though. We went to the park. All of a sudden this swarm of children came and I was afraid I was going to lose my children in the horde of 50 or 60 4th and 5th Graders! Yikes! We raced towards the Suburban! Then we took a drive and visited the ranch where I grew up. It has changed a lot. We also went to visit Missy (the miniature horse we just gave away) in her new pasture. She looks happy and the kids were able to have a little closure. I was running late by that time and raced to Wendy's to pick up lunch for Steve and us. In the drive thru I had to have one kids pee in a cup and then Josh had to run Jessica in to the restaurant to go pee. Try having all that going on and ordering at the same time! Yikes! I did it though and got the order right. We took lunch to Steve at the fire station. It was nice seeing him and relaxing for a bit. Now we are home and enjoying our clean carpet. I have to put my house back together now. I think I'll have the kids help me with that. That's about it for now. I'll be posting my new devotion tomorrow!
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Are you sure that's your carpet? Just kidding. It look fabulous!

That is too funny about the peeing incident in the Wendy's drive-thru. You're so brave!

I'm glad the kids got some closure with Missy. You'll have to tell me about the changes to the old ranch the next time we visit on the phone.

Love you, Sis!

Rachel and Family said...

How great to visit with Catherine and Margaret! Aren't freindships just refreshing!
And yes, your carpet looks great!. what a good deal... we desperately need to get ours done, but I often think.. why bother, it'll just get all filthy again (thank you children..)Now I'll be thinking, "but Stacie did hers, Rachel get your act together!"
Wish we could've met you at the park.
P.S. We love to get a quick lunch or baseball meal of 99cent chicken sandwhiches at Wendy's. But my FAVORITE is the Mandarin Chicken Salad. I've loved that for years...mmmmmm

Rachel and Family said...

Ya, the drive thru scene is hilarious! It's worse though when Mommy has to pee!!! Ha!Ha!Ha!

Beth said...

Yes, things like the cup happen to everyone.

Your posts make me miss eastern Oregon! But I just plain miss the west coast right now!

Love Ya girl!

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