Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Ah, Rasperries!"

It's officially raspberry picking time! This is the first time Jacob has been a part of it. He LOVES them! He eats more than he picks, but that's OK. They are so good for you.
As you can see, I have three rows of them. The four children are busy picking away. Snickers, of course, has to always be in the thick of everything. They are selling them and saving the money towards church camp. We don't spray them, so they are "organic". We have 8 gallons or so spoken for. I always pick 3-4 gallons for jam to last me to the next year. I'm so glad my kids like raspberries!
I love Jessica in her dress up "Flamenco" dress from Spain. She loves that dress, Ethel!
Here are some of our beauties! Every time I go down to the patch, I always think of "Little Rascals" when they say "Ah, Raspberries!"
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Yum! I can't wait to get my order. I love Jessica's dress! It is nice to see Jacob with a little more hair. He's such a cutie!

Cat said...

Forsooth! Raspberries are my favorite berry...after blackcaps. You are SO blessed!!


Together We Save said...

Love Rasberries. So cute they are all not dressed and possed for the picutres.

Naomi said...

MMMM we love raspberries too. James' family grew them when he was growing up and he consumed bowlfuls with sugar and cream. But now a teeny tiny punnet of raspberries costs about $8 and they are so flavourless. I wish we could come and buy some from your kids. They look so good.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Everyone says our raspberries are extra sweet. They are not my favorite berry, but I like to make jam (made with honey) with it. They are free to us, so I never buy any other type of berry. I'm always afraid my kids are going to get sick of them, but so far, they love them!

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