Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where It All Began

I was 18, and working at Big Jim's Drive In. I was working a double shift (wasn't even supposed to be there) when in comes two firefighters to give us a fire inspection. I was so nervous! I was in charge for the first time and I didn't want anything to happen. This cute firefighter kept talking to me and flirting. He seemed so nice and funny. So when he ordered a chocolate-vanilla twist ice cream cone, I went crazy and made it three times larger then it was supposed to be! The next day he was back! I thought hmmm, maybe he's interested. He showed me his new truck out the window and I thought to myself (hmmm, he must actually be responsible). I knew he was older, but I wasn't sure how old. I was just praying he was below 30 so my parents wouldn't freak!
He ended up staying for about an hour as I kept wiping down tables around him and chatting with him. He finally had to leave and I was hoping that I would see him again. A week went by and I didn't see him, so I resigned thinking that I didn't think he was interested. Saturday came and in he pops in again. This time I wasn't going to let him get away! I told myself if he doesn't ask me out, I will "help" him. He hung out for about 2 hours and I could tell he wanted to ask me out but he was scared. He was heading out the door and turned around and said, "So do you want to do something sometime?" I said "SURE!" Three days later we went to Portland (I didn't even know his name or age until we were on the way!) we talked the whole way there and back and I knew I liked this guy. On Valentine's Day he gave me a dozen roses and I knew I loved the man. I tried to resist telling him, but it finally slipped out and he said he loved me back.
We were married a year and a half later. These are pictures of Big Jim's where it all began. I love telling this story to my children and they love hearing it. By the way, he ended up being 26, not 30! Whew! My parents didn't kill me!

Happy 14th Anniversary, Honey!
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Jessica said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I luv that story, especially the part where you didn't know the name of the guy you were on a date with! Sometimes the heart just can't help itself, right?! Congrats on many years of love and many more to come!

Rachel and Family said...

I have a great big smile on my face right now... what a great story! You wrote it well, thanks for posting!

Jenn said...

What a great story, Stacie. I wish you and Steve many more happy years together.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Ahhh! The Big Jim's story. I love it! I guess the sign doesn't lie. Those hamburgers really were made out of love! They kept Steve coming back! Those pictures bring back a lot of memories. Happy Anniversary!

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