Monday, May 4, 2009

What I Forgot

What I Forgot

Dear Mothers,

After just giving birth to my sixth baby, I find myself forgetting certain things about this newborn stage.

1. I forgot just how tiny, helpless and precious they are.

2. I forgot how much I love seeing their little legs curl up in a frog position when they are snuggled up next to you.

3. I forgot how happy, but incredibly exhausted I feel.

4. I forgot how hard it is to type with one hand!

5. I forgot how quickly a month goes by!

6. I forgot that I have to get used to cold food again. Every time I sit down to eat, the baby wants to be fed at that exact moment.

7. I forgot how good it feels to sleep three hours in a row!

8. I forgot how it is impossible to finish my Bible study each day and I thank God that He is full of grace and knows my heart and how I yearn for Him.

9. I forgot how much more time I have to pray when I’m nursing my baby.

10. I forgot how much having a baby reminds me of how helpless Jesus was when He came to this earth as a newborn. How incredibly limited He was. How He was totally dependent on His mother for His physical needs. It’s hard to imagine, but that is what it was like for Him. I think of how much love Mary must have felt for her firstborn son. Then I think of how she watched Him die for the sins of the world. Amazing and humbling…

I want to cry out to God and tell Him, “Thank You! Thank You for babies! Thank you that that are helpless and innocent. They reflect what You want our spirits to be like. As my daughter snuggles deeply into my chest after I’ve nourished her, I think of how You want to do the same for me. You want me to snuggle deeply into You and drink from Your Word. You want to nourish my body and keep me healthy and whole spiritually. Thank You for Your Son, Jesus who came to this earth as a helpless newborn.”

These are the things I forget. Small things, but so amazingly sweet and precious. The time slips away with our little ones and they grow so fast. One day we look back and they will be grown. So many older mothers have said to me when I’m out and about, to enjoy my children while they are little. They always go on to say that this was the best stage of their lives.

Let’s not FORGET that!

From One Mom to Another,


Rachel said...

Thank you for the reminder, dear Stacie! I am at the 11 month old stage, so all these observations are very relevant. God bless you today! Thanks for the encouragement!

Rachel and Family said...

beautifully spoken!!

Cat said...

Well said, my sweet and darling friend! Even at the ages of 39 and 37 they are sweet, perhaps not as snuggly, but ever so sweet. Thank you for the reminder!

Natalie said...

I just found your blog from another blog, but what a blessing to hear another mom so blessed to be given another baby. I'm excpecting my 5th baby after my water breaking at 22 weeks with my last baby. I did make it to 32 weeks before delivering but still get those funny looks for letting the Lord decide how many children to bless us wiht. So glad to hear another grateful mommy ;D
Nice to meet you,
Natalie in CA

OurLilFullFam said...

Beautiful words Stacie!!!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

As I held Lily this weekend, I just kept thinking, "I could so do this again". I pray God will give me the chance. Lily is such a precious gift. She's the icing on the cake!

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