Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Safe Fun-Filled Trip

I just got back from my sister's. Suitcases are unpacked, clothes sorted and put away. Laundry is going, kids are watching a cartoon right now because honestly I'm too beat to do anything else with them. Lily is on my lap while I'm typing this and Steve just went in for a call back. Life is already back to normal!

We had a great time on Friday. I met my mom for lunch and we just happened to run into my grandpa so we got to visit with her as well. Then after getting to La Grande (the kids were great by the way in the car, you guys must have been praying for me!) we went to Primo's Pizza and Arcade. The kids were really good there and we had a fun time at the arcade. It was cheap and we were the only ones there, so we had the run of the place. After that we came home and Jackie and I started our "Dinner of Dinner Herbs" marathon. We watched one episode that night and the other five during the day on Saturday. It was an awesome mini-series and we loved the dresses. Don't you know period pieces are all about the dresses?

One thing that made this trip so easy was that she had everything premade. Usually we spend all of our time cooking. Because she premade everything we had a lot more time together without stressing over food preparation.

The weather was lousy, but still the kids went outside in the pouring rain and had a blast! They barely watched any TV.

Last night was the best though, we were laying in bed recalling all of our jobs when we were teenagers. I had the best story and we were hysterical by the time I finished it.

Here it goes...

I was probably 16 or 17 years old and I got a job at "The Hand Out" a rundown burger joint in our town. They were always slow and so they thought it was safe to leave me for the last half hour to close. The problem was, they never taught me how to cook. A guys goes through the drive-thru and orders a hot dog. I had no idea how to cook a hot dog and no one was there to ask! So I put the sucker in the deep fryer!!!! Can you imagine what that poor guy thought when he opened up his bag and got a deep-fried hot dog in a cold bun with who know what I put on it!

I just laugh so hard when I think about it!

Sunday we went to her church. Then I came home early and watched all the kids so Jackie could go to her church board meeting. When she got back she let me take a catnap before I headed back home.

It seemed short, but it was sweet. I love spending time with my sister!


Cat said...

I'm so glad you are home; I missed you! I'll have to look up the movie you wrote about. We loved the Cranford series you turned us on to. God is good, you are safely back home!

Candy said...

Wow what a FUNNY story. A deep fried hot dog. That is a good one.
Welcome home I missed you all. I read a lot of your friends blogs. Little Mary looks so pretty in her Sunday dress. I am also very thankful that everyone is safe ad had a very good time.
I also love to spend time with my sister. She and angela will be here next weekend. Love you.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thanks for coming up, Stace! I had such a good time and it didn't feel stressful at all, even though it was raining and all 8 kids were in the house most of the time.

I still crack up when I think of that hotdog story. Every now in then, it's good to get the giggles!

OurLilFullFam said...

I am glad you had such a good job.


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