Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Happy Scrapper!

Candy gave me a bunch of scrapbook supplies after Lily was born. Lots of girlie stuff! Jessica and I are in Heaven!
I found some cute stuff with Oriental Trading Company and made a big order. I bought printed flowers, brads, inspirational sayings, journalling cards and two scrapbook kits (one for soccer and one John Deer Tractor). I can't wait to use them!
This totally gets me in the mood to scrapbook but right now my scrapbook area/counter is completely covered with junk. I think today I'm going to try to get control of it. It serves as a catch all, unfortunatly, because it's high and it gets things away from the little ones. Steve even has a winch for his four wheeler on it! Yikes! I think I'll put that out in the shed today. It would be so nice to get a page done for Lily. I don't want to wait till scrapbook camp. That is the end of June!
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Jennifer said...

I haven't done it at all in the past year. I need to get caught up. Getting new stuf always puts you in the mood to do it. Maybe I should go shopping.....

Candy said...

I did a Lily page last night.I used my new cricut cartridges my sister got me. She makes a beautiful subject. I need new ideas, I need to get my books out.Angela, Jeanine and Beth will be here for Mothers day. we scrapbook the Mothers day pictures.
This year we are all wearing cobalt
blue. Well they are I haven't found anything. Thats ok though Love you.

Cat said...

What a blessing to have all the supplies you want/need! I, too, use surfaces to store stuff and then can't do what I want until I 'release' the stuff. Oh, dear, the complications of having a God Who provides so much!! I AM grateful, as I know you are, but a winch???? Glory to God!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow! That is a lot of supplies. Candy is so sweet! I just ordered a bunch of pictures so I can be overwhelmed again. I can't wait till scrapbook camp!

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