Saturday, May 30, 2009

Natural German Sore Throat Remedy

My sore throat was hurting so bad today that I thought I might have strep throat (something I get about 2 times a year). I just seem to get it a lot. The doctor said that I tested negative, but gave me a homemade remedy that he swears by. He said his wife is German and told him to do this. It was pretty strange so I thought I'd put it on my blog.

Natural German Remedy for Sore Throat

Take an onion, slice it up and sprinkle a couple of tsps of sugar on it.

Put it in the fridge (covered).

The sugar draws the juice out of the onion. Take a tsp of onion juice. Apparently, onions are natural anti-inflammatory.

I can't take this though because onions bother Lily. So I'm getting a prescription to help numb my throat so that I can sleep tonight. So if anyone tries this, comment and tell me if it worked or not. I'm dying to know!

1 comment:

Candy said...

I'll have no problem getting MaKenna to try it. She eats onions like apples. YUCK!!! Sorry no sore throat though.

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