Saturday, May 30, 2009

Moms In Crisis

This was a devotion I wrote three years ago. It appeared in "Above Rubies" last year. I thought I would put it on my blog. It's a good reminder right now as I have several sick kids and now I'm I'm getting some kind of cold. My throat is extremely sore. At least it's not this bad!

Moms in Crisis (What to do)

Dear Mothers,

November was a very interesting month for my family. I was sick for 3 weeks (strep-throat twice, and a sinus infection), while my children were sick on and off during the month as well. The worst of it was when Marcus’s pneumonia ended up infusing to the outside of his lung and we were told to transport him by ambulance to Dornbecher Children’s Hospital so they could possibly put in a chest tube to drain the fluid. I was completely shocked and had no idea just how sick the poor kid was. We had so many people praying for him. God was working because Marcus never looked very sick! The doctor’s kept saying he looked incredibly healthy for having such an impressive chest x-ray! God kept the fluid around his lungs from becoming infected and therefore after two days in the hospital and lots of antibiotics (through an IV) Marcus did not have to have the chest tube put in. Chest tubes can be VERY painful.

So how does a mom handle such a crisis? Well, I have to tell you I am so thankful that I am in the Word and try to memorize Scripture. There are just sometimes where I’m not going to have my Bible with me. This was one of them. I left our town (by ambulance) with just the clothes on my back for two days. I kept thinking while Steve and I were going through this, “I wish I had my Bible”, but I also think it was good for me. I was forced to recall the Scripture that I had memorized. I relied on the One who wrote the Scriptures to remind me of the ones that I needed most of all. God met my need! I would pray those Scripture verses over and over. I never panicked. I never doubted God’s goodness. When I would start to worry about Marcus, I would tell God, “This child is yours, you made him, I pray that Your Will would be done in his life. I trust you completely, no matter what happens.” I realized that Marcus is not mine. He is God’s child; I am only here to raise him for as long as God gives me. Am I being faithful to that task? Am I raising him in the admonition of the Lord? Oh, how I hope so!

When I had no strength of my own, I would cry out to God, “God, I need rest! I need Your strength! Give me what I need when I need it.” He provided everything I needed, from people to watch the other children, to meals being brought over by kind friends, to family, friends, and our wonderful pastor praying over the phone with me.

To end this story, as we were coming home from the Children’s Hospital, my mom took our youngest son, Andrew to the ER because she couldn’t keep his fever down. Because of Marcus’ history, they did a chest x-ray on Andrew and found that he had pneumonia, too! I couldn’t believe it. When I got home and saw how sick he looked, I just cried. I am so thankful though. Because they did the chest x-ray, they caught it really early and he responded wonderfully to the antibiotics and seems like he is doing way better.

My goal was to not lose my joy when I was going through that trial. Don’t lose your joy either. Keep memorizing that Scripture so that when your trial comes you will be prepared, ready and equipped with the Gospel of Peace.

From One Mom to Another,



candy said...

Thank you for posting that again. I really need to be reminded to put God first even when so tired.
I remember when they were so sick. I can't believe it has been 3 years already. I am so thankful they came out alright Boy what a time. Praise the Lord, you grew bunches in The Lord as a result of their illnesses. Love you

Timmy's Girl said...

Oh, Stacie, I totally remember reading this in Above Rubies. It is a beautiful devotion, Sister. Thanks for the reminder.

We are going to the Above Rubies Retreat in August here in SoCal...have you ever been to one??

xoxo, Veronica in CA

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