Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Marcus Is In The Paper!!!!

Bitten by the Writing Bug:
Young Author of 7 Books is Creating a Buzz

By Sam Craig
of The Chronicle

Marcus has a secret he has sworn to protect, and it makes second graders incredibly jealous. But a little envy won’t hurt his standing with the students in second grade class that his grandmother teaches.. Marcus is a superstar in their eyes. Marcus has written a series of books that star Fly Boy, a fly whose taste for adventure is rivaled only by his taste for garbage.
Fly Boy is based on the main character in Tedd Arnold’s “Fly Guy” series of kids books, Marcus’ favorite series in fact. Recently, Marcus wrote to Arnold, telling him about the books he wrote. Arnold responded in kind, sending Marcus not only a hand-written, autographed letter, but two original drawings. The first of the drawings features Fly Guy buzzing past and saying, “Marcus is super!”
As exciting as it is to have a hand-drawn cartoon by your favorite artist, what was inside would turn Marcus into the envy of every Fly Guy fan. Arnold gave Marcus a sneak peek at a brand-new, never before seen character on one condition, it must remain a secret, but he could show it to friends.Marcus takes the secret very seriously. If someone wants to see it, he’ll quickly show them before covering it back up with his hand.
But Marcus’ books are no secret, in fact, they’re a hit with the second graders his grandmother, Diana, teaches. “Whenever we do D.E.A.R.,” Diana said, “Which is ’Drop Everything And Read,’ these guys are always fighting over the Fly Guy books.” Marcus isn’t a student in Dufur, he’s a third grader in home school, so he’s had to win over a group of kids he’s not that familiar with. The kids, already big Fly Guy fans, took to Marcus’ Fly Boy books like flies to a melted candy bar.
They’re hard cover books, like you’d find in a book store. Diana put them together, taking Marcus’ pages and putting them between sheets of cardboard before laminating the whole thing. Unlike most stories created by kids, these can stand up to the abuse a classroom full of second graders can dish out.
Fly Boy gets into a lot of scrapes and mishaps with his, once girlfriend, now wife, Fly Girl. Marcus has written and illustrated seven books so far. That’s one more than Tedd Arnold has put out. With two more books almost ready for production.
Marcus is taking Tae Kwon Do classes, so he decided in the new book, Fly Boy should be taking them too. “Marcus’ real Tae Kwon Do teacher’s name is Jeremy,” Diana said. “So the Fly Kwan Do teacher’s name is Germy.”
Whenever he walks in the doors of the classroom, kids cheer. All the attention could go to some kids heads, but Marcus still feels about the same. “It’s fun,” he said. “I feel like a movie star when I come in here.”


candy said...

What a great article love it. I am so very proud of you Marcus. Don't forget us when you become famous. Enjoy your GIFT from GOD. Love you.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Yeah, Marcus! Tell him how proud of him we are. He's inspired Josiah to write, too. Josiah put together his first Civil War picture book. I'll be blogging about it soon!

Cat said...

Marcus, you've given me an idea for my students. They write excellent essays each week, and some of my students have a running story going on. Why couldn't they do the same thing you are doing by turning those into a book at the end of the year??? You are brilliant!! Maybe we could borrow one to see what you do?

CB said...

LOL I love the very end of the article! I am so impressed! How incredibly awesome!

Naomi said...

Congratulaions Marcus. I am so excited to see you in the paper. Woohoo for you. Fly boy sounds slightly disgusing but I think that is his appeal right? We would love to see a copy of your book over here in Australia. I know a few boys who would love to read them. How about it? Do you have copies?

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