Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hurt Myself

Four days ago, I decided to try to seed a section of our front lawn. I used a shovel and turned the earth then raked it smooth. My back seemed to be doing OK. I thought, "I'm going to be really good this time and only do half of it". Well, on Monday I felt like my back was ready to go into spasm. I put some ice on it and then it went full on. I could barely breathe it hurt so bad. I was at home by myself with the three younger kids. Lily was in her carseat sleeping. I couldn't have gotten off the couch to get her if she woke up and wanted to be nursed. It was a scary feeling being that helpless. I called several people and no one was home. I finally got a hold of my friend, Vicki. She came over right away and helped me until Steve got home. I called the doctor and they ordered some muscle relaxants for me.

It took two days for me to be able to move normally again. I hate being so helpless! The pills made me so sleepy. I was also worried about how they would effect Lily. She seems to be fine and didn't sleep more then normal.

So now Steve won't let me work in the yard much. He said he will supervise me so that I won't overdo it. Even when I was trying to be good and not do the whole project it was still too much. If I can't get Steve or the boys to do it, then I'll have to hire someone. I just need to think that way.

My back is starting to hurt again, so I need to get off of here. Please pray for a full recovery. I really need to be able to take care of my kids when Steve is at work.


Naomi said...

Praying for you Stace. I hope you get some rest and are able to get back on track.

Amy said...

Oh that stinks. I will pray for a very fast recovery. When you hurt your back it seems like everything in your body hurts. Can you get a massage? By the way your yard looks beautiful. I'll trade you my bench for some of your flowers :)

OurLilFullFam said...

Stacie, I am so sorry!!

I am praying for your back to heal quickly and fell much better!


OurLilFullFam said...


I just wanted to say I love the new pictures! Jacob praying is just too sweet!! Makes us stop and be thankful for the privelege of teaching them that!

And I love Lily's smile!!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thanks everyone. Today has been better. The inflammation has eased up some. I was able to get through the day without help which was huge.

I got a massage yesterday and I think that is why I'm doing so good today. I'm hoping that when I wake up tomorrow I'll feel like a new woman!

Amy, it's a trade! That bench is gorgeous!

Stephanie, Thanks, I love sharing pictures with all of you. It makes a journal come to life, don't you think?

CB said...

Stacie, I hope your back gets better real soon! I'm sorry you are laid up & hurting. I caught up with your posts & am thankful I much of it was just what I needed to read. You are so encouraging to me.


Cat said...

You are not only an encouragement to us, but also you are an inspiration, a motivation! I pray you are healed by the time I write this. I've been so busy that I haven't done "computer time". Life is fuller these days, it seems.

P.S. I get such a kick out of the words I have to write below that I've decided to end my comments with them. They are hilarious!


Toni Floyd said...

we ain't as young as we used to be! now we have to be careful about so much stuff! be patient and take it easy then you can get back to making it all pretty again! Love ya, Toni.

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