Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Bye, Missy/Beautiful Day

Steve asked if we could get rid of the horse. I knew that animals (except dogs) are not his thing. He did it for three years, but got tired of telling the kids to feed the horse. The final straw is when Missy got out and I caught the boys using sticks to try to get her back into the pen. She is even harder to catch now. So tomorrow she will be going to another home. It will be nice not to nag the boys to feed and water her.
I used the rest of my birthday money to purchase a few more plants. I bought some Asters, Cosmos, Wave Petunians, Bush Beans, Cucumbers, Lavender, and a Cherry Tomato plant. I got everything planted today except the Lavender.
We got the fishy swing out for Lily today. She seemed to like it, but we need new batteries. I like this because I can put her in the shade and she can swing away while I work in the garden.
Good-Bye, Missy! You are a sweet little miniature horse.
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Cat said...

Little Beauty...Lily, that is, not Missy. Well, Missy is cute too, but not in the same league with Lily. You are SO blessed!! You look good too, Stacie. I wish I could put my eyes on you and my arms around you.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You do looks so pretty. I can't wait to see you flowers and garden when I visit in a few weeks.

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