Thursday, May 21, 2009

Generation Gap/Teaching Children to Care About the Elderly

I know some of you have seen these pictures before. But I thought they went really well with this post. I just think they are precious. Sorry the first one is blurry. These pics are from a Christmas visit at the Oregon Veteran's Home.

Generation Gap

Dear Mothers,

When I was growing up, I attended The Salvation Army Church. We regularly visited nursing homes where we handed gifts out and spoke with the elderly who were confined in their wheelchairs and beds. I grew to love the elderly. I found that as I grew up, the more I enjoyed and could appreciate their stories of “back when I was a kid”. I found that I could talk to adults easier then I could talk to people that were my own age.

I want my children to have the same experience I had. I have taken them to visit a few relatives that were in nursing homes, but have not been deliberate about it. I want my children to love “older people”! They have so much wisdom and insight.

My son, Marcus has a heart for older people. I have always encouraged my children to say hello and to shake the hands of the elderly during greeting time in our church. Marcus has taken this further. He is always late getting back in his seat because he is going around hugging every elderly person he can find! He knows that some are lonely and that it means so much to get a hug.

I want to encourage you to teach your children to close that generational gap that everyone is talking about. Instruct them that it is our Christian duty to love, honor and care for our elderly. They are not useless! They are amazing! Their wisdom and experience is profound. You learn that there truly is “nothing new under the sun”. They have “been there and done that”. Some of their testimonies are astounding as they share what God has done to get them through difficult circumstances.

Teach your children practical ways that they can care for the elderly in the community. If they drop something, bend over and pick it up for them. Open the door for them. Something I’m always harping on my children is to not run in a church building (EVER!). They could knock over someone or cause them to trip. If we see someone else’s children running in church we need to say something to them as well. These are just a few simple things, but I challenge you to think of many more ways you could teach your children to be aware of the needs of the elderly.

Don’t be afraid to stop by for a visit. These precious people are just waiting for company! They usually delight in well-behaved children. Ask them if there is anything they need done, and do it! You can make it a family project.

Many of them feel left behind in this fast-paced world. Let them know they are valuable and worthy of your time. Drop off a plate of cookies or offer them a meal if they are sick.

Keep in mind that you are raising the very same people that will eventually be taking care of you when you are the “elderly” category.

From One Mom to Another,



Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Awesome and so true! Great post!

Love ya, Sis!

candy said...

I love this post Stacie. I have always had a heart for the elderly,
and wanted to serve them in some way. I have not done it, and feel so ashamed and corrected by God. While Dennis & I were traveling to Seattle we were listening to Kenneth Hagen CD.on LOVE. Oh boy what a very good message. I am so in love with my Lord. He knows what I need to hear. And doesn't hesitate to teach me. Thank you for helping. Love you.

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