Friday, May 8, 2009

Filling Out My Flower Beds

Catherine, this post is for you! I planted a bunch of flowers in this bed and a Wave Petunia in with the Pansies in my wheelbarrow.
I planted some minature roses in this patch of dirt. I have tried a bunch of different flowers on this little hill and I can't get anything to grow. I hope these roses make it!
There are five of them here, now I need to figure out what to plant next to them. Some kind of ground cover. I looked all over for Candytuft, but couldn't find any today.
I planted some Cosmos in this section.I hope that they will go to seed and go crazy!
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Cat said...

Portulaca (Moss Rose) or Basket of Gold or vinca would be nice in between. Vinca is more of a ground cover and has sweet lavender/purple blooms. But you need something that does well in drying conditions...maybe some succulant ground cover.

Robin said...

beautiful!! The first pic is my favorite. I adore tulips

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