Friday, May 15, 2009

Chore Logistics/ My Routine

I thought I might share what I do for kids and chores. So here it goes...

As far as laundry, I don't have the kids help that much except to fold towels, match socks, and put their own basket of clothes away. I get a an older kid to help with a younger one.

My trick is I fold my clothes as they are coming out of the dryer. They don't ever sit and I don't ever do laundry if I don't have time to fold it. This eliminates an extra pile or basket of unfolded laundry since my space is extremely limited. I also hate the look of laundry on the couch in case company comes or little ones decide to "help" and strew it all across the living room.

My biggest thing and I think I still fail at it, is having a scrubbed out sink in the evening.

I've also eliminated dishes by half now that I am using fry trays for plates. They are ultra cheap and you can burn them when you are done. We also use plastic forks and spoons. I was doing two loads of dishes a day, now I'm down to one. That has to be cheaper!

Chore time is over by 8:30. For every chore that isn't done by then or isn't done well, it is 15 minutes off their bedtime. This works for me because it prevents me from nagging. I just have to think to myself "I'm going to have a real peaceful evening!"

I limit one child to help me cook because when I get three of them in there it totally stresses me out when they start dumping and stirring and making a genuine mess! I want my children to learn to cook but I don't want to have memories of me getting mad at them in the kitchen.

One of the boys vacuums the carpeted floors everyday (except Sunday) Sunday is our day of rest. They are only required to make their beds and feed their animals. Sunday is my day off from laundry as well.

The boys take turns scrubbing their toilet six days a week. They clean the sink out and sweep and mop their bathroom floor as well. I can't stand stepping in pee or sitting in it. They will do this until they can learn to aim!

After meals everyone helps clear the table. To keep children from wandering off, I require the older ones to ask me "What can I do next, Mom". This has worked well and there seems to be more of a team effort. No one leaves the area until all the clean up is done!

We do not pay them for these chores, but there are extra chores that they can do if they want to earn money. Some of these: clean the fridge, weeding, dragging brush after trees are trimmed, sweep and mop kitchen and dining room floor, scrub walls, scrub door knobs and around them, clean bathtubs, dust.

They can also do each one of these chores to earn video game time. 10 minutes per chore and they can only redeem up to 20 minutes a day. I do not allow more than that to prevent addiction.

That's mainly what I do and it works for me.


Jessica said...

You're brilliant! And efficient and well organized and reasonable! The whole unpleasant kitchen memories thing...probably why I'm not much of a cook. I hope my kids have better kitchen memories and more excitement! Oh, and doorknobs are something I rarely get to---thanks for the reminder, gotta add that to the list this week!

Cat said...

Mrs. Home-maker! You are a fount of information on this topic. Thank you, I'll send this advice along to a couple of women I know. Thanks, Stacie!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Glad you're getting those kids to help more. Good for you! Delegate, Baby, delegate!

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