Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cheering Him On!

Yesterday there was a house fire across from us by the Veteran's home. We could see the smoke really well. Steve went in on it since it was second alarm. We can see the road from our house, so when we heard that he was going to the fire in Engine 6, we all stood at the fence and waved (kids screamed). All of a sudden the engine stopped and we weren't sure what they were doing. Thought maybe they were stopping traffic or something. One of the guys got out and looked around like they had lost something. The kids kept screaming, but nobody seemed to look our way so they were disappointed. I woke up this morning and checked my email. This is the sweet note I got from my firefighter hubby!


The kids are going to be so happy when they read this! It makes me want to cry...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Natural German Sore Throat Remedy

My sore throat was hurting so bad today that I thought I might have strep throat (something I get about 2 times a year). I just seem to get it a lot. The doctor said that I tested negative, but gave me a homemade remedy that he swears by. He said his wife is German and told him to do this. It was pretty strange so I thought I'd put it on my blog.

Natural German Remedy for Sore Throat

Take an onion, slice it up and sprinkle a couple of tsps of sugar on it.

Put it in the fridge (covered).

The sugar draws the juice out of the onion. Take a tsp of onion juice. Apparently, onions are natural anti-inflammatory.

I can't take this though because onions bother Lily. So I'm getting a prescription to help numb my throat so that I can sleep tonight. So if anyone tries this, comment and tell me if it worked or not. I'm dying to know!

Moms In Crisis

This was a devotion I wrote three years ago. It appeared in "Above Rubies" last year. I thought I would put it on my blog. It's a good reminder right now as I have several sick kids and now I'm I'm getting some kind of cold. My throat is extremely sore. At least it's not this bad!

Moms in Crisis (What to do)

Dear Mothers,

November was a very interesting month for my family. I was sick for 3 weeks (strep-throat twice, and a sinus infection), while my children were sick on and off during the month as well. The worst of it was when Marcus’s pneumonia ended up infusing to the outside of his lung and we were told to transport him by ambulance to Dornbecher Children’s Hospital so they could possibly put in a chest tube to drain the fluid. I was completely shocked and had no idea just how sick the poor kid was. We had so many people praying for him. God was working because Marcus never looked very sick! The doctor’s kept saying he looked incredibly healthy for having such an impressive chest x-ray! God kept the fluid around his lungs from becoming infected and therefore after two days in the hospital and lots of antibiotics (through an IV) Marcus did not have to have the chest tube put in. Chest tubes can be VERY painful.

So how does a mom handle such a crisis? Well, I have to tell you I am so thankful that I am in the Word and try to memorize Scripture. There are just sometimes where I’m not going to have my Bible with me. This was one of them. I left our town (by ambulance) with just the clothes on my back for two days. I kept thinking while Steve and I were going through this, “I wish I had my Bible”, but I also think it was good for me. I was forced to recall the Scripture that I had memorized. I relied on the One who wrote the Scriptures to remind me of the ones that I needed most of all. God met my need! I would pray those Scripture verses over and over. I never panicked. I never doubted God’s goodness. When I would start to worry about Marcus, I would tell God, “This child is yours, you made him, I pray that Your Will would be done in his life. I trust you completely, no matter what happens.” I realized that Marcus is not mine. He is God’s child; I am only here to raise him for as long as God gives me. Am I being faithful to that task? Am I raising him in the admonition of the Lord? Oh, how I hope so!

When I had no strength of my own, I would cry out to God, “God, I need rest! I need Your strength! Give me what I need when I need it.” He provided everything I needed, from people to watch the other children, to meals being brought over by kind friends, to family, friends, and our wonderful pastor praying over the phone with me.

To end this story, as we were coming home from the Children’s Hospital, my mom took our youngest son, Andrew to the ER because she couldn’t keep his fever down. Because of Marcus’ history, they did a chest x-ray on Andrew and found that he had pneumonia, too! I couldn’t believe it. When I got home and saw how sick he looked, I just cried. I am so thankful though. Because they did the chest x-ray, they caught it really early and he responded wonderfully to the antibiotics and seems like he is doing way better.

My goal was to not lose my joy when I was going through that trial. Don’t lose your joy either. Keep memorizing that Scripture so that when your trial comes you will be prepared, ready and equipped with the Gospel of Peace.

From One Mom to Another,


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where It All Began

I was 18, and working at Big Jim's Drive In. I was working a double shift (wasn't even supposed to be there) when in comes two firefighters to give us a fire inspection. I was so nervous! I was in charge for the first time and I didn't want anything to happen. This cute firefighter kept talking to me and flirting. He seemed so nice and funny. So when he ordered a chocolate-vanilla twist ice cream cone, I went crazy and made it three times larger then it was supposed to be! The next day he was back! I thought hmmm, maybe he's interested. He showed me his new truck out the window and I thought to myself (hmmm, he must actually be responsible). I knew he was older, but I wasn't sure how old. I was just praying he was below 30 so my parents wouldn't freak!
He ended up staying for about an hour as I kept wiping down tables around him and chatting with him. He finally had to leave and I was hoping that I would see him again. A week went by and I didn't see him, so I resigned thinking that I didn't think he was interested. Saturday came and in he pops in again. This time I wasn't going to let him get away! I told myself if he doesn't ask me out, I will "help" him. He hung out for about 2 hours and I could tell he wanted to ask me out but he was scared. He was heading out the door and turned around and said, "So do you want to do something sometime?" I said "SURE!" Three days later we went to Portland (I didn't even know his name or age until we were on the way!) we talked the whole way there and back and I knew I liked this guy. On Valentine's Day he gave me a dozen roses and I knew I loved the man. I tried to resist telling him, but it finally slipped out and he said he loved me back.
We were married a year and a half later. These are pictures of Big Jim's where it all began. I love telling this story to my children and they love hearing it. By the way, he ended up being 26, not 30! Whew! My parents didn't kill me!

Happy 14th Anniversary, Honey!
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Firefighter!

Steve came by with the booster and said hi to the kids and I. They love to see anything related to the fire department coming down their driveway!

Here is my man, Steve. I finally got a picture of him in the bay with the ambulances. He is an excellent paramedic and he has been a Lt. on his shift for several years now. We are very proud of him and he is our hero. I can't believe that tomorrow is our 14th anniversary! Love you, Sweets! Thanks for working so hard so that I can stay home with the children. I appreciate it so much.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finishing Touch!

I bought a yard of bark chip and decided to get rid of the "dirt" look. I'm hoping it will cut down on the weeds and it gives the beds a finishing touch. Love it!

Josh helped me spread it. It was so nice having his help!
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Mellow Memorial Day

Today ended up being VERY mellow. I am still recovering from the Luau.

I read a few articles from my new Above Rubies magazine. It's not gripping me yet, I don't know why. Usually, I can't put it down.

I tried to take the kids for a hike at the Mountian Ranch, but it was so windy. I couldn't take Lily out when Jacob could barely stand it. We went to Shriner's Farm and looked at the zebras and giraffs. Came home and made lunch (sandwhiches).

The best thing I got to do today was scrapbook! I never get to. I prayed that I might have an opportunity to do it today. Between Lily sleeping and nursing and Jacob, Jessica and Andrew "helping" I managed to get 4 pages done for Lily's Baby Book. Man, did that feel good! My pregnancy, Blessing Shower and a double layout for my garden is scrapbooked.

I made dinner (leftovers), and bathed all of the little ones. I can't wait for bed! I hope I get lots of rest because I am going to have a very busy day tomorrow. The dishwasher repairman is coming to fix the brand new dishwasher, I'm having a yard of bark chip delivered, Mom's Morning Out and a doctor's appointment for Marcus to figure out what to do about his allergies. They are so bad this year that he can't even go outside. Benedryl and Claritin are NOT working! I don't know what to do. It's time he goes in.

That's about it for now...Life is good and the Lord is with me. I hope to homeschool to morrow, but we'll see how it goes. Good thing I homeschool during the summer!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Samoan Luau For Jessica's Sixth Birthday

Every other year as a homeschooling project I tell the kids that they we will have a "culture party". We pick a culture and study it for a year. Then we gather friends and family and have a party with all the ethnic foods, costumes, dance, music and decorations. The first one we did was a German party. It turned out to be a hit! This year it was to be between Japan and Samoa. We voted and the kids chose Samoa. Unfortunately, due to having a baby, I didn't get the language in. But we watched videos and talked with a friend who is Samoan to get some ideas and learn more about their culture. So I ended throwing a Luau for Jessica for her sixth birthday. We found her little skirt for 50 cents at a thrift store. Rachel, Mom and I bought decorations and it didn't looks too tacky. We didn't have any Samoan music, so I got a video from the library on Samoa. I played it with the volume off during the whole party, so that people could get a feel for the culture (tattooing, dancing, foods, and so on). I think people enjoyed watching it in between conversations.
I love this picture of Jackie. She looks so pretty! Mom brought little umbrellas to put in the strawberry lemonade.
I had little banners and shiny palm trees on the deck, with these totem murals.
Lily and I. So what will we do next time? Hmmm, the kids have thrown out, China, Japan, Czech Republic, Mexican and Spain.
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Dressing Up Samoan Style (sort of)

Jackie is wearing the wrap that her friend, Paulette (who is Samoan) gave her.
Paulette gave me one, too!
Mom with Lily and Hailey. I just love this one!
Mom and her granddaughters. Look how proud she looks!
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Guests Part 2

Great-Grandma Mary (Mom's Mom) with her newest great-granddaughter, Lily.
Doesn't she look pretty?
My stepdad, Larry! Very festive!
Marcus and David (Rachel's oldest)
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Mom and her best friend, Debbie.
Jackie gives Grandpa an "Aloha"
Steve's Mom, Ethel and Steve's Dad's twin, Verla is holding Lily.
Rachel and her new baby, Mary! Isn't everyone dressed cute! They all dressed Polynesian. It was great and really added to it. Mom bought cute hair clips for the ladies and beautiful flower lays for everyone. It was very fun!
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Lots of Luau Food!

Jessica blows out the candles on her TWO birthday cakes.
Her Great Grandma Mary made Jess her first Barbie cake. She didn't even seem to notice the cake we bought her!
I had everyone bring some food. We had Pork Fried Rice, Herbed Pork (used fresh herbs from my garden), Caribbean Pork Roast (Recipe is on Homestead Wannabes (check my blog list on the side bar), lots of fruit, veggies and potato salad.
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Palm Tree Pinata

Jackie brought the cutest pinata for us.
Hailey's turn!
Now, Jacob...
And Andrew
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Lily and Jacob

Lily smiling at me.
I keep thinking this is Hailey (Jackie's daughter). I can't believe how similar their faces are shaped.
Steve took the kids to go see a movie. Jacob and Lily fell asleep on my lap. It was so sweet.
When he came in I had him take a picture. I love sleeping children. Actually, it's more like recharging their batteries, isn't it?
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Generation Gap/Teaching Children to Care About the Elderly

I know some of you have seen these pictures before. But I thought they went really well with this post. I just think they are precious. Sorry the first one is blurry. These pics are from a Christmas visit at the Oregon Veteran's Home.

Generation Gap

Dear Mothers,

When I was growing up, I attended The Salvation Army Church. We regularly visited nursing homes where we handed gifts out and spoke with the elderly who were confined in their wheelchairs and beds. I grew to love the elderly. I found that as I grew up, the more I enjoyed and could appreciate their stories of “back when I was a kid”. I found that I could talk to adults easier then I could talk to people that were my own age.

I want my children to have the same experience I had. I have taken them to visit a few relatives that were in nursing homes, but have not been deliberate about it. I want my children to love “older people”! They have so much wisdom and insight.

My son, Marcus has a heart for older people. I have always encouraged my children to say hello and to shake the hands of the elderly during greeting time in our church. Marcus has taken this further. He is always late getting back in his seat because he is going around hugging every elderly person he can find! He knows that some are lonely and that it means so much to get a hug.

I want to encourage you to teach your children to close that generational gap that everyone is talking about. Instruct them that it is our Christian duty to love, honor and care for our elderly. They are not useless! They are amazing! Their wisdom and experience is profound. You learn that there truly is “nothing new under the sun”. They have “been there and done that”. Some of their testimonies are astounding as they share what God has done to get them through difficult circumstances.

Teach your children practical ways that they can care for the elderly in the community. If they drop something, bend over and pick it up for them. Open the door for them. Something I’m always harping on my children is to not run in a church building (EVER!). They could knock over someone or cause them to trip. If we see someone else’s children running in church we need to say something to them as well. These are just a few simple things, but I challenge you to think of many more ways you could teach your children to be aware of the needs of the elderly.

Don’t be afraid to stop by for a visit. These precious people are just waiting for company! They usually delight in well-behaved children. Ask them if there is anything they need done, and do it! You can make it a family project.

Many of them feel left behind in this fast-paced world. Let them know they are valuable and worthy of your time. Drop off a plate of cookies or offer them a meal if they are sick.

Keep in mind that you are raising the very same people that will eventually be taking care of you when you are the “elderly” category.

From One Mom to Another,

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