Sunday, April 5, 2009


We are so blessed with grandparents who live near enough to come and see the baby. We also had many friends who came up to the hospital. Steve's best friend, Jeremy came up right away to hold Lily. This is such a sweet picture of her with him. He is also the kid's Tae Kwon Do teacher. Rachel came up, Debbie Morgan (Mom's best friend came, too). Vern and Ethel, Dad and Diana are just to name a few. Candy and Dennis came a week and a half afterwards because they were exposed to sickness. We have all fallen in love with Miss Lily!

Wow, we have been totally blessed with meals. This is a feast that one of the nurses at the OB unit made for us. She lives near us and made us this HUGE meal. Both of these pictures are what she brought us! Thanks Brenda!
Candy and McKenna came to watch the kids so Steve and I could go to lunch and grocery shop. I love this pic of Jess and McKenna! They are both almost six.

Lily is turning into a normal baby. She is now getting up every two hours for a feeding and not going back down real well. I can't believe how much this baby wants to eat! I'm waiting for her to level out a little. If she is awake, that is what she wants to do.

Today is my big TEST! Steve went back to work today. I'm always nervous the first day he goes back to work. I always wonder if I can handle it on my own. God always gets me through, though. I just wish Jacob were better. It would make it a lot easier. He is being very clinging and whiny because he still feels yucky. This is the first day he hasn't woke up with a fever, so we are gainin'.

We won't be going to church today because Jacob is sick. The weather is nice, we will probably be outside a lot today.

The kids are listening to Adventures in Odyssey right now and we'll have story time later.
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Rachel and Family said...

Love the pics,especially the food ones (yummy!) but get rid of that goofball Rachel! (Looks like I have on way to much makeup! Maybe it's the black and white. You would tell me wouldn't you?!?)

Isn't it another beautiful day! We spent yesterday afternoon and some of this one OUTSIDE!!! Yay!!

My Hannah has been super clingy and crabby this whole week. Now I'm wondering if she's teething or something. Maybe her and Jacob are sending each other bad vibes.

You'll do fine with no Steve... you're a super woman doing a superb job!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You don't have too much make up on. You never do. I honestly didn't even know you wore any until you told me. It is not overdone.

It was gorgeous today! We were outside the whole day. I know we look like rednecks, but I LOVE having a couch on my front porch. I was able to snuggle with Lily and put her on the Boppy all afternoon and garden and enjoy the sunshine.

Cat said...

Darling pics, wonderful food for you and great plans for the day. I pray Jacob heals swiftly.

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