Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Flowers Give a Little Color!

I CRAVE color in my yard. After a long dreary winter, I want to see some sunshine and some beautiful flowers. Here are just a few that have popped up almost overnight. You can click on each picture for a close up.

It's been a mellow day. I'm waiting for Jackie to bring me my Joshua. I've missed my oldest boy this week.

Jessica is doing better. Marcus went to the doctor yesterday and is on antibiotics for Bronchitis. Andrew seems like he is getting better. Jacob is the one who is having such a hard time. He has the barky, seal cough and keeps rubbing his eyes and crying. I don't know if they itch or what? They aren't red. He has a fever on and off. Poor little guy.

Steve did an unexpected thing for me today. I sat down to nurse Lily in the morning on the couch and he made me a cup of my favorite French Vanilla decaf coffee. It was the sweetest, unexpected thing. We've been married for almost 14 years and that has never happened. He also took the kids to the park so that I could sweep and mop the floors. It felt sooooo good to be able to sweep and mop again. I was able to do the job to my satisfaction. The kids have been helpful, but it really needed a good cleaning. Floors are my pet peeve, I guess. I love going barefoot, but I hate stepping on dirt and sticky things.

Steve is taking a nap with Jacob right now and I just caught up on my America Idol. Thanks, Diana for recording for me! BTW, I know this is crazy for a conservative Christian, but I LOVE Adam Lambert's voice. I think he is an amazing singer. My second favorite is Danny Gokey. That is the only TV show I watch. I think I like it because I enjoy singing and I have a lot of admiration for how hard they work on the different genres. Call me crazy, but I even like Simon sometimes. I wish he would be more polite about it though. But normally, he is right on the money.

Right now, life is sweet. I'm healing up. I have six amazing children, a husband who has a good job and works hard to provide for his family. I also have great friends who love me and spur me along in my walk with God. Thank you, Lord!
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Candy said...

Your flowers look so good, they brighten up my day. Even I have a few flowers coming up,in my ripped up yard. YAY!!!
O.K. I am a little impressed with Adam, but maybe not really. I can't stand screaming. I like Chris
& Gokey.
Why didn't the doctor put them all on antibiotics? They all sound yucky. I love you and Dennis & I will pray.

Toni Floyd said...

We're all sneezing and some of us are coughing around here. I think allergies are partlly to blame or mostly to blame! lol Calvin's (2yr. old) cough was very bad and would wake me up about 3 or 4 times a night but he is finally getting over it. I almost took him to Dr. Alaimo.
We (Kelsey and I) are into American Idol too. She likes Adam and I'm for Danny and Allison. She's such a cutie!
Love your flowers! Yes, I'm aching for Spring also. I just LOVE Spring! Easter, the warmer weather, they both inspire me! Thanks God for beautiful flowers and pretty green trees and grass!
Take care and love to you, Toni.
PS Just loved your devotinal that was in the monthly church newsletter! You couldn't have been "more on"!

Cat said...

You are amazing, and so is Steve. I wish I'd had you as parents...well I don't know if I'd have enjoyed so many brothers, so never mind. Your flowers a beautiful, and hard to enjoy because we have snow EVERY day!!

CB said...

Wow! You can say "six" kids now! How awesome :) I also enjoy watching American Idol & also find myself agreeing with Simon. :p

You look so beautiful in your pictures!

So happy for you about your coffee :) My hubby surprises me sometimes like that too, it's so wonderful!!

Pray all your sweet lil' ones get all healed up real soon!

Rachel and Family said...

I SOOO love your flowering capabilities!! Those are gorgeous!!

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